Empty Vitamin K into powder mix?


Would there be any problem emptying vitamin K from the capsule into my blender bottles instead of swallowing them whole?


As long as you face in the general direction of California, the birth place of Soylent as you perform the ritualistic act of vitamin capsule desecration, you should be good to go. Not saying it will taste any good though.


They sell powdered Vitamin K, though my search has shown most are for veterinary use, so there should be no issue adding it to your blender bottle. I have no idea what it will take like, you might want to try a small taste-test first.


I have two different vitamin K supplements (MK-4 and MK-7) and both smell like a hay field, I prefer to just swallow mine and not add that to the taste of my soylent.


I use Now Foods Vitamin D-3 & K-2 caps in my recipe and I just empty the capsules into my mix. Whether or not it will affect the taste of your mix will depend on what other ingredients you are using. My mix has peanut flour and cocoa which seems to cover up any other tastes quite well, I don’t notice any problem with removing the powder from the caps.


Dont for get the oath, repeat after me:
I Know
In my heart and stomach
That Soylent
Is not people.

I also use the MK4 and MK7 pills both by NOW.


Another potentially more economical and convenient option for those looking to avoid pills would be the following:

Just 1-2 drops per day will likely be enough, and you’ll have ~1,200 in the bottle.