Emulsifier ? what to use in Europe


I have been doing DIY soy lent for a while, but i have started to think of is there a way to keep the powder mixed in the water for a longer period of time then jus 1min? is there some cheap Emulsifier in Europe?

this is my recipy 3000kcl Myarter


Soy lecithin, xanthan gum, and gum acacia are all used in the official Soylent recipe. I’ve found all of them to be very good at keeping my drink in suspension.


do you have any good and cheap online sources for that that you would recommend?


This one will probably work.


Chia seeds are also awesome, they keep mine in suspension all day.


50€ for 1kg is quite expensive it seems. Is there no European Lecithin sources?


I don’t know if adding more Lecithin is the answer. Don’t you have 34g in your recipe already?


no, I’m just adding different sources to cheek what it will cost


For my own recipe I do think the Lecithin helps a bit, but the Chia really did make a notable difference for me. Early on I ran out of Chia for a day or two and made it thinking that the Lecithin alone would be enough, it was not.

I make mine the day before I use it, without the Chia there is noticeable separation in the morning, but with it in there you wouldn’t know the difference from when it was mixed. I do notice it separating if I leave it for 2 or 3 days though.

I’ve also heard good things about xanthum gum, but have never tried it, I do have a bag to experiment with but haven’t seen a need for it yet. My understanding is that it does take some experimentation to get the amount right, but maybe someone who has worked with it can shed some light.


il try cha seed if i find it in cheap bulk. xanthan gum seams to be good and cheaper the lecithin, somebody who have any experience with that?


€0.30 a day, if you use 6 gram daily (soylent 1.0 uses 6 gram lectichin)

lectichin granules are much cheaper, but they don’t seem to dissolve very good IME


her is Xanthan gum for around 15.81€/kg compared to 31€/Kg of lecithin
witch translates to 0.09€ daily with 6g


How do you know that 6g lectichin has the same effect as 6g xanthan gum ?


well i don’t know that, many i only need 3g to get the same effect. or perhaps the double, it still cheaper tho and i have a source of Cholin