Emulsifiers implicated in obesity, metabolic syndrome, colitis, gut inflammation, etc


Should we be concerned? This is brand new research… but I’m not even sure - How much emulsifier does Soylent use, and of what kind?


Study: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nature14232.html


Soylent uses soy lecithin not the two mentioned in the article.


That’s good. I will await further research on the effect of other emulsifiers… and, in fact, more research on the ones in the first study. I mean, if this really is the case, this is actually a pretty important breakthrough.


Soy lecithin and xanthan gum, neither of which are mentioned in the article, fortunately.


I’m still worried that it might be all emulsifiers that have these effects =\


As always, it’s premature to make changes or worry much on the basis of a preliminary study.

They need to start by figuring out if this happens in mice with other emulsifiers; since it’s not clear why emulsifiers have this effect on the microbiota, there is not yet any reason to think others will have this effect. In fact, it’s entirely possible that other emulsifiers will have beneficial effects.

They also need to figure out if this same effect happens in larger mammals, especially humans. It’s entirely possible that the stuff is only bad for mice.

Garlic and grapes will make my dogs very sick, but they’re fine for me!

Let the researchers build on the research. If you want to help improve things, push for more funding for this kind of basic research, which is rarely funded by the market - it needs public funding.


Yes, and my dog gets none of my chocolate, and absolutely none of my xylitol-sweetened chewing gum!


I didn’t want to bring up the chocolate controversy; I use it in my DIY all the time. :wink:


Oh no doubt… I’m just curious, more than anything. I’m assuming most people on 100% soylent haven’t had much weight gain, or we would have heard about it.


The recent survey http://www.ketosoy.com/blogs/news/17275588-results-of-the-2015-soylent-eaters-survey shows very few weight gainers.