Energy boost after drinking Soylent?


It was advertised that drinking Soylent would give you an energy boost in the literature.

After drinking a glass of Soylent ver 1.3, I did not notice any energy boost. I could get an energy boost and feel more full after drinking Ensure and a can of Red Bull, which is available everywhere.


Ok… What do you want us to do about it? Soylent is food not magic. If you’re expecting it to have more of an effect than a crap load of sugar and caffeine you will be sorely disappointed everytime.


:smiley: If you add a few tea spoons of sugar to your Soylent, you may feel the same energy boost (and maybe a little caffeine)


Energy is increased, dramatically, by Soylent compared to less nutritious diets, but that’s not the same as a “boost.” Boosts precede crashes, whereas Soylent is sustained, more healthy-feeling energy. It is not an artificial rush. Comparing it to Red Bull shows a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of what you expect Soylent to be.


lol, add coffee and sugar to your Soylent for the boost. There are different kinds of boosts. Some are better than others.


Soylent 1.4
Seems like they listened to me when I said soylent needed an energy boost and felling full after you drink it. All of this should be in soylent 1.4, which I just ordered!

Isomaltulose seems like a good addition to Soylent. It achieves
multiple goals, in regards to taste, texture, and nutrition, and allows
Rosa Labs to get rid of sucralose. I particularly like the energy and
satiation factor. Slow and steady, and will make you feel full.



Hopefully you will be happy with 1.4. I too like that they included isomaltose but they still have some sucralose. It’s the last ingredient on the list.


I add 10 drops of liquid oxygen to Soylent 1.8 and now get an energy boost!!


I put in Super Soldier Serum into every batch of Soylent :us:


It did to me. My daughter is actually the one using it but she let me try a 200 calorie serving and I have all kinds of energy but she doesn’t :blush:


I always get exhausted and tired after soylent. It makes me drowsy and puts me to sleep, so I only drink it once or twice a month now when I need to wake up early. It’s like a sleeping pill for me XD


In my experience, I did not experience an energy “boost” per say. I have experienced an energy “stabilization” while drinking Soylent. The peaks and valleys of my metabolism are less significant when my food is consistent.