England - Dance Student Want to Buy Soylent Premade


This is unbelievable, i am so interested the only thing is i have no idea on how to make it…
as a student money is always tight & as a dancer time is always limited…This sounds like something from the future however i realise Soylent dont distribute world wide yet…

I have read the recipes however i am not exactly smart and have no idea how to do it
If anyone could make it pre packed and i all i have to do is add water i would be eternally greatful

Obviously i would pay the costs

I would love to try for a week

Also a question as dancer we aim to be Muscular so would a increase of protein help?

Many Thanks


P.S Sorry for being noob!


Perhaps others in the UK can band together to make “local” Soylent. Until worldwide shipping is figured out, that seems to be the only option.