Enhancing Benefits & Nutrition of Soylent 1.0


What other powders, supplements, or other goodies are you guys adding to Soylent 1.0 in order to enhance its benefits? I’ve been considering adding things like Creatine, L-Glutamine, some nootropics, or Maca, but haven’t tried it yet.

I’m aware that other people are experimenting with flavoring Soylent and am curious to hear if people are adding other things, besides flavorings, to enhance their Soylent.


Some flavorings can have other benefits, too. Things like blueberries, cocoa or cinnamon have shown to have health benefits in several studies and could be used to flavor your soylent. Antioxidants have lately been called into question, but there seems to be solid evidence that blueberries are great for your health regardless.

I’ve started to be interested in longevity recently, and I’m considering supplementing with resveratrol and/or TA-65 (or some cheaper alternative).