Ensure + adding oil [Canada]


As my soylent bottles ran low, I spent time on the biolent.ca website but ultimately haven’t ordered. Then, at walmart, I noticed Ensure and Equate (walmart brand) meal replacement drinks were quite inexpensive, so I bought a 6 back of each.

flavour: good. micros: good (i think)
macros: not so good. specifically, not enough fat.

I kept noticing I would get a ‘buzz’ after drinking a bottle. And this is my theory: it’s too low in fat. And biolent original has the same macros as this store brands. (I’m still considering their keto line, but I have another idea…)

Since I’m not even trying to go 100% ensure / store brand meal replacement (more like twice a day snack, possibly lunch replacement), maybe I could just add fat to the meal replacement. Has anyone else had this idea?

(p.s., since soylent has always made be feel so refreshed, full, and healthfully energized, I was thinking of adding the high oleic sunflower oil which is listed in the soylent ingredients.)


Probably a sugar rush more than anything. Some flavours of Ensure have as much as 20 grams of sugar per serving. (Source)


There are a number of different “Ensure” products (“Plus”, “Enlive”, etc) but all tend to be much higher in total carbs, total sugars, and cost, than Soylent or other modern meal replacements. Here is my detailed comparison.