Enzymes for 1.0


What is the easiest way to get all of the enzymes they added to version 1.1 for use with remaining supplies of 1.0?

I had taken a break from soylent because the digestive issues got too bad. I have a month’s supply that I would like to consume, if I can add the enzymes that will solve this issue.



The alpha galactosidase is the active ingredient in Beano. I use a generic brand, but add about double their recommended “per serving” amount. I don’t even know what the other enzymes do, though. To be honest.


I found regular Beano helpful. It might be enough for you even without the other enzymes.


Are we talking about adding Beano to the mixture or simply taking it in advance. If adding Beano to the mixture, how many capsules are we talking? In a single serving or a pitcher (absolute value, not ratio).


Beano recommends taking 1 capsule immediately prior to the 1st bite of a meal. I’ve tried it with Soylent and it does seem to help with flatulence/bloating (I drink my Soylent in blender bottles, which is approximately 1/3 of a day’s worth of Soylent).


Beano doesn’t come in capsules, it comes in tablets (and something called “meltaways” which I haven’t tried), so you’d need to grind them up. Simpler to just take them like any pill before your meal. (If the meltaway melts on your tongue, I guess it would melt in your blender bottle.)

The Beano site says one meltaway, or two to three tablets, just before a meal is the usual dose. “For best results, you may have to adjust the number of tablets or Meltaways according to the number of servings.” (They’re talking, I believe, about the number of servings of gas-producing foods in your, conventional, meal–maybe you’re having cabbage soup and a couple of whole-grain bread rolls, and that might be three servings.) So there’s no exact amount. Try a couple with a serving, take one or two more if it doesn’t seem to be enough.


Maybe I have a generic version, it’s in a small capsule, definitely not grindable. Dunno, the wife bought it after suffering through a few days of death farts.


Probably generic. I’d guess it’s about the same amount as a Beano brand, though you’d have to look it up to be sure. Anyway, I wouldn’t expect you to OD on the stuff or anything!


Are you sure it’s a generic Beano and not a generic GasX? GasX and it’s generics are not enzymes like Beano and work completely different.


What about the other enzymes? Is there any pill with ALL of them?

@JulioMiles? @ana?



Beano has alpha-galactosidase (derived from Aspergillus niger), but also has invertase, another digestive enzyme. You’re supposed to take it at the start of a meal, so the enzymes are in the stomach as the food hits.

We want the enzymes to work on the soylent, so it makes sense to get them into the soylent and let it work in there before you drink it.

There are a lot of options out there, I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet (besides use up the Beano I’ve got.) Many things have alpha-galactosidase, so you can just start by searching on that… many enzyme products have a variety of other lipases, proteases, amylsases, lactases…

Would prefer to get it into my dry mix when measuring, and don’t want to play with capsules.


I’ve been using a generic Beano from TopCare (it’s a little gel cap with powder inside so you could open them and sprinkle it on your food if you want).

The bottle says 600 GALU (what ever that means) but it’s four times what is in regular Beano and I’ve been taking 3 with each of my 3 meals of Soylent.

Did they say how much of the Alpha-Galactosidase is in the 1.1 version of Soylent?


Neither their blog post nor their post here on discourse talks about the amounts of any of the enzymes, just the types. They do specify that the sucralose was reduced from 60mg per bag to 30mg per bag.


It’s the equate generic brand of alpha_galactosidase 600 GALU. Pretty sure it’s a meltaway that just dissolves capsule in the stomach. I take one before each “meal” ie approximately every 1/6th of daily amount of soylent.


Still no official recommendation on this?

Plenty of people have recent deliveries with a month or more that needs to be consumed. Any help upgrading this supply to 1.1 (via adding the exact enzymes) is appreciated.



To say the community has answered this question is utter nonsense. The community in this thread has essentially stated, “One of the active ingredients in 1.1 is the same ingredient as Beano, but we don’t know how much, and we have absolutely no idea what the other two enzymes are.” That’s not an answer.

Rosa Labs shipped out 4-week orders to long-time backers and subscribers (including me) one day before switching to 1.1. This was the height of irresponsibility and they should have realized that it would be a slap in the face to their most steadfast customers.

I, for one, have come to absolutely rely on Soylent for my health (recently diagnosed with gastroparesis and need an almost exclusively liquid diet), but dealing with the digestive issues inherent in the 1.0 formulation has been a daily struggle.

If they have found a solution, they should share it. @soylent owes their loyal customers detailed instructions on how to incorporate the precise enzyme formulation from 1.1 into 1.0.

I was heartbroken when they shipped me a monthly supply of 1.0 the day before announcing the new formulation. This means one more month of struggling with digestive problems before they’ll ship me a new batch of 1.1. Clearly they should have used the final batches of 1.0 on 1-week orders where people would soon be reordering, not 4-week subscriptions!


I deleted my previous post, as you had a point about missing numbers.

I don’t know what consumer products provide the other enzymes, but the consensus I’ve seen for the amount of beano is 1.5-2 times the recommended amount. I personally add six servings to my pitcher.


I’m not sure it is so clear that they should have put the 1.0 on 1-week orders. I can’t imagine anyone would be ecstatic about getting 1.0 instead of 1.1 by a single day. For someone with a 4-week order, they have to deal with 4-weeks of 1.0. For someone with a 1-week order, it’s probably their initial order and after being forced to wait longer to be downgraded to a potentially inferior product because of the size of the order would be quite insulting. I think the safe choice was not to prioritize anyone’s 1.1 vs. 1.0 order based on order size.

More information on the enzymes in 1.1 doesn’t seem like a bad idea though.


Why were you just now getting your month supply? They were done with one month orders a several weeks ago. Was this a reorder? If so, I don’t think that’s irresponsible of Rosa Labs at all. If it was a reorder, it means you were happy with the product already. Now if your order had fallen through the cracks and you were just getting your first order shipped, then yes, I feel your pain.


I had a reorder that shipped the day before they made the change. I’m going through a bottle of Beano a week trying to keep the gas under control. I’m happy with the product in general but the gas problem is a serious problem for me. I don’t think you can assume that because it was a reorder you have to be happy with every aspect of the product. Saying that sound a bit dismissive to me.