Enzymes. More enzymes


So this stuff doesn’t contain alpha galactosidase (“Beano”), but it has a lot of other enzymes. I’m surprised I was unaware of it.


It might provide another experimental avenue for those with digestive difficulties.


Just throwing out an idea/thought, I think we have been going about how we try to fix the farts… one thing is to fart a lot… but the smell that many experience is actually the main problem.

Most of the attempts to solve the problem have been by enzymes that helps with sugars/carbs… but I think the main reason is actually the protein (that is the reason for the smell at least).

Have anyone tried some protease/peptidases yet?.. If the protein isn’t broken down before it reaches the large intestines, I am sure that the bacteria living there produce more sulfur containing gases as a result.


The product linked had nine or ten enzymes, three of which were proteases. It also had papaya, which provides papain, another protein enzyme.