Error in E-mail "Your Soylent subscription is confirmed!"


Just wanted to point something out that makes no sense.

Shipping estimates:

  • New customers: 10-12 weeks after order placed
  • Existing customers who have received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks
  • Existing customers who have not received their first Soylent orders: 1-2 weeks after first Soylent order is received


What doesn’t make sense about it? Maybe if it were rephrased?

  • If you have never ordered Soylent before, you’ll get it in 10-12 weeks after the date you ordered.
  • If you have ordered Soylent before and already received a shipment, you’ll receive new shipments 1-2 weeks after the date you order them.
  • If you have ordered Soylent before but have not yet received your first shipment, new orders you place now will ship 1-2 weeks after your original shipment arrives.

Otherwise, someone might order, then order again in hopes of skipping the queue by virtue of being an existing customer. Does that help?


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If you also don’t see that 2 statements are stated twice for no reason then you have problems.


Obvious troll is obvious.


Lolol how could this be a troll thing? I guess I’m the only one who clearly reads two statements that are the same.


Except they’re not the same. Note the telltale “not” in the second statement.

If you still think they’re the same, type it out and tell us why, because the rest of us see them as different.



Those last two bullet points are not the same at all.

Then read it again upside-down


Yay! I have problems!


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I’m fairly certain that @mrcodehpr01 is not trolling. However, name calling – e.g. “idiot” – is frowned upon in this forum. We are strictly held to the standard of engaging one another with respect.

Here is what I believe mrcodehpr01 is saying. The last two bullet points are redundant and could have been combined into a single shipping estimate:

“Existing customers: 1-2 weeks after first Soylent order is received”

Phrased this way, a single bullet point would cover all existing customers.


Hard to respect someone who uses sarcasm and doesn’t understand something so simple.


That is not accurate, though. If I am ordering my 3rd batch I am not going to be getting it 1-2 weeks after my first soylent order was received, I am going to get it 1-2 weeks after I placed the order. 1-2 weeks after my first soylent order may very well be in the past.


If you’re on your 3rd order then clearly you would fall into the category of “Existing customers who have received their first Soylent orders:”

Barring any temporal anomaly.


That is my point; people who have received their first soylent orders and people who have not are 2 separate cases on when they will receive their new soylent orders, and hence need to be listed separately.


I understand your argument. However, I believe most people commenting here are actually correct; although the two bullet points seem redundant, they are not.

Please let me explain. Existing customers are people who ordered Soylent before April 25, 2014, and these people fall into two groups: Those who have received their first order and those who have not. For example, I may have received my first order on May 1st, but I’m not reordering until today. Obviously, I would not receive today’s order 1-2 weeks after I received my first order because that would be sometime back in May. My shipping estimate would be 1-2 weeks from today.

However, if I’m one of those existing customers who has not received my first order, then my shipping estimate is different. Even if I order more Soylent today, I would still not receive today’s order until 1-2 weeks after I finally get my first order. Who knows when that will be? It could be late July which would mean I may not get today’s order until August.

This is why two separate bullet points are needed for the two groups of existing customers. Incidentally, I fall into the Existing-customers-who-have-not-received-their-first-Soylent-orders group, something for which I am certain to need a therapist in the near future.


Sorry to revive such an old thread but I’m bored and came across this and for some reason was thoroughly entertained by all the responses. Back then when this thread was fresh I totally understood of course what the Soylent team was trying to convey with their shipping estimates note but being the eternal pessimist, I was wondering if new customers weren’t going to be better off than existing customers who had not received their first Soylent orders. Being a 1-week backer at the time I thought that 10-12 weeks sounded so much better than 2 weeks after first order which was totally vague. What I did not learn from the estimate is that new customers are last in line and won’t receive anything until all existing customers had been taken care of.