Euglena, an all in one algae


A Japanese entrepreneur is commercialising an algae as a one stop shop for micronutrients and plans to use it the same way Wawa Mum is sold:

“Just 50 grams of biscuit a day can supplement the child’s standard
diet with all the protein, and all the necessary minerals, fatty acids
and vitamins they need,”


That is very cool. Sounds very promising.


It is interesting that multiple people around the world are working on soylent like food products.

This gives me hope that we will have multiple options that allow for a variety of easy and cheap ways to have a healthy diet with minimal bother.


I’d very much be interested in seeing the nutrition facts for Euglena. Also, though it’s apparently for sale in Japan, I couldn’t find any for sale on the (English-language) Internet. Anybody else found either of these things?


I think you can order from this site.


You hate cooking that much?


The Engrish on that webshop is powerful.



Yep. I don’t like to cook, i don’t like to shop, i hate storing food that often goes bad before i get to it. I don’t like cleaning up after cooking.

I think all of this is a lot more manageable for couples or families, but for a single guy it just ends up being a big waste of time. I would rather be doing just about anything else.

Also this is simple and healthy, which even if i did enjoy cooking ensuring that it is as healthy as possible is still difficult.


The Euglena isnt strictly for infants like Wawa mum is.


Who says Wawa Mum is? The dosages are for infants but up those and you have a meal for adults too.


Virtually every link I clicked on regarding wawa mum. lol


After having exercised when I was not able to have breakfast, please
have it at various opportunities such as snacks of child.

mmmm, snacks of child.

It produces a shrimp, a crab, the products including the peanut…

It seems to be some sort of amazing sea-life spawning Japanese technology. With peanuts.

Please have it after opening a letter early.

If you open the letter late, it doesn’t taste as good.


Can you imagine the type of letters they open to require a nutritional boost afterwards?


Well, its not a human translating. they are using a program that translates the page. lol


More important than Soylent is developing a way of synthesizing the building blocks of human nutrition more efficiently. Pronutria is working on ways of using GE algae to secrete first protein and later other nutrients (fat, carbohydrates) that can be an order of magnitude lower cost with much reduced environmental impact.


I’m fluent in Japanese and even the Japanese information on Euglina is severely lacking. They have a list of nutrients that are provided by the organism, but the only measurement that they list is how much of the organism itself is in their products. I haven’t been able to find more than that.

From what I can tell, even if they did get their act together and do proper nutrient accounting, it would just be a supplement, because their vitamin and mineral lists are not complete. (No choline, calcium, chromium, molybdenum, iodine selenium, sulfur, etc)

It may be more cost effective at that point, though, than using multivitamin supplements. That would be good, and I think that’s their point. I don’t think their goal is to replace food, but to add this to food to prevent common nutritional deficiencies.