Europe: Warning! Nano Enhanced Food not shipping // Update: now shipping


I just wanted to warn people not to order anything from @Eatnano (, as it seems they’re all too happy to take your money, but not ship any product.

It’s now been a month since i ordered from them and i still haven’t received anything from them. I’ve tried contacting them through the form on their website and by the e-mail address they provide, but they haven’t answered.

So it seems it’s a scam. Which is a pity, as their product looked really good.




I haven’t heard too much about them, but have never had the impression it’s a scam. I think there’s been a few folks here and on reddit who have used them. Hopefully they get back to you soon and make it right. It’s unfortunate, but these kind of issues come up from time to time with different manufacturers, doesn’t mean it’s malicious, but they have failed you pretty hard.


You’d think same of Soylent. They took over a year to get to many people. Month is nothing compared to that.

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There’s a difference though between crowd funding a product where delay should be anticipated and is often a part of the process, and a company that promises to ship when you order. Unless the OP is in China he should have had his order long ago, the failure to communicate with him just compounds the issue. From their faq:


For the Netherlands and Belgium: If you order on working days before 16h Nano will be at your doorstep the next day.

For Germany: If you order on working days before 16h Nano will be at your doorstep the next day or in some parts of Germany it will take 1-2 days more due to distribution difficulties.

Other EU Countries: If you order on working days before 16h Nano will be at your doorstep in 2-4 days.

Outside of the EU:

If you order on working days before 16h Nano will be at your doorstep in 5-14 days depending on flight connections. Nano will get more distribution parners in the near future.

China: Nano will be available in China within the next six months. Shipping will take 1-3 business days from order.

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I live in Sweden and so should have had the order “at my doorstep” in 2-4 days. It’s been a month and i haven’t heard anything at all from them.

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20 c h a r s

I tried contacting them on facebook as well - They answered and said their backorders went out last wednesday. I’ll write again when i know more.

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I have just received a parcel from the Netherlands. It is likely from Nano. I will write again tomorrow.


Opened the package today. It was from Nano, so it seems they do ship.

Regarding the product itself: The shaker has a good feel to it, the bags are of high quality, the powder has a nice scent of vanilla (no taint) and the finished mix tastes like vanilla. Seems great so far!

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Glad to hear they came through in the end. Considering the complete lack of anything resembling customer service will you be ordering again?

Possibly. If my stomach likes the product, then i will. But i will likely wait for a while, so they get things in order and can dispatch orders as promised.

Hey, I just ordered from the eatnano website a few days ago and it says my order has been completed. Does this mean I should’ve got my product already or do this mean it will be shipping soon ?

Also did you manage to have a quick replay via facebook ? I contacted them to know a little more about their product with the e-mail at the bottom of their web page and so far no answer.



Nano has been great so far! My stomach likes it and is now calm. It’s better than any other soylent I’ve tried, so far. It’s too good to pass up, so I’ve placed another order.

Have you tried Jake? some people say Nano is almost identical to Jake (texture, taste, even ingredients).

I haven’t yet. I will, at some point. It’s a bit more expensive, though.

Update: This time, i got a track&trace code from Nano and can confirm it has been shipped on time.