Europe (worldwide) shipping timeline


I have ordered a long time ago and getting a little annoyed about the progress. You can´t even order anymore. In the ordering proces you can find the following information It now says “International availability mid-2014.” which means, I may have to wait another 8-9 months or even longer.

It would be very nice and a question of respect for your international backers to give us a little bit more information about your worldwide strategy.


I would also like to have more information on shipping to europe. The moment soylent becomes available for international shipping, I will purchase it. And I would have loved to have purchased it yesterday, since I just want to have the package whenever it becomes available.

Though I do understand that shipping costs are probably some of the equations that has to be done before offering soylent internationally.


im sure local laws about food products, and such is a factor… to get permission to ship stuff like soylent to another country… I know plenty of countries that are very strict on stuff like nutrition… protein powders and other suplements… (Like Denmark where I am from)

I wish I could get a shipment right now too… or even just be able to order it and get it when it was possible :confused:


Even in Canada, which shares a landmass and (more importantly) shipping routes with the U.S., I’m expecting a bit of a delay as they work out brokerage and customs arrangements for shipping edible products across the border. I’m glad that Soylent isn’t making medical claims because that would delay it further.



I came to the conclusion some time ago that any international shipping effort will require bulk shipments to a local distribution center in each country - individual packages of what are essentially an unknown white(ish) powder, regardless of labelling will basically not be tolerated by any customs agent in any country.


Yup, just another reason, besides its outrageous price, why I totally gave up on Soylent.


I have not given up on Soylent. I have great hopes for the product. I just think it will take a very organised, distributed approach to take it international. It will need to be proven locally in the US first.