European MANA updated Packaging, Stainless Steel Measuring Scoop and Manufacturing Facility

We would like to announce our newest product update.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but jeeze…


Don’t forget we can’t buy Soylent in europe yet, and MANA is one of the alternatives until we can. Just like Joylent and Queal.

I think it is completely fine they are on the market also, but I have only tried Joylent and Queal myself so far, (besides Soylent 1.0, which I had to pay quite a bit extra in shipping to get)

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I think it’s completely fine they’re on the market too, the more the better. But they should at least try to dintinguish their product with at least a molecule of originality. I mean that packaging is a carbon copy of Soylent’s, all the way down to the scoop. The only difference is the pitcher.



Hey Jakub! I’d like to order a 7 day package from But I cannot add an address in your shop system. I always get "The Zip/Postal code you’ve entered is invalid. It must follow this format: 00000"
There is no field for the postal code, however.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @openend are you using website ? Where do you like to ship and whats your zip code ?

pm sent. Nice reaction time, Jakub! :smile:

While I agree, you also have to admit there’s a lot of “form follows function” happening here… Bag, scoop, box, all follow naturally. And Soylent chose a very modern web aesthetic - white space and simple text, providing only the information needed. It makes a kind of sense from the product perspective… as do all the other choices - generic bag, generic scoop, generic box… but if your product is generic, then when someone makes a generic knock-off, well, it looks pretty much the same…

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The shaker bottle in the photo looks exactly like the first bottle I bought for Schmoylent. Only 1 liter, complete fail… Too much hassle trying to split the pouch into 1000+1000 kcal servings (I didn’t have a scoop though). So are these guys advocating 1000kcal mixings at a time? I just use the bottle for water now…

I agree, but they went way too far. Let’s say Mana becomes a big company and sells across Europe. Then Soylent enters the European market. They’re packaging is identical. Totally lame imo. Mana has shown an embarrassing lack of creativity.

Edit: Woops, just noticed they do have a little mirror reflection effect on their logo. That’s a little different.

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Also, while it’s not obvious from the photos, they say their packaging is gray, not white.