Even dispersal of micro ingredients


How is Soylent going to accomplish mixing even concentrations of all the small ingredients like Phosphorous etc… that are relatively small percentage of the whole? In other words, in my week supply will I be getting equal proportions from when I mix my first glass to my last? Is this done by thoroughly mixing in an industrial blender of some sort?


Powder homogenization is a very tough problem, but it is such a common one that many solutions have been devised for it throughout the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. I imagine they’ll use industrial processes that homogenize particle sizes and then either use some sort of binder to make the particles stick together to a certain extent, in granules, or they’ll just distribute the product in serving-sized packaging. Distributing the product in individual wrapping per serving would effectively eliminate the problem, as they can then ensure homogenization during production, before the packing step.


I believe its bagged into individual daily portions, so by your third meal or 5/5 or whatever way you cut it, you’ll have 100% of everything. The photos and info we got from alpha / beta testers showed this.


We did? Can you share those?