Every 7-11 in the country


just saw a tweet that soylent is available at every 7-11 in the country, is this old news? i thought i would see it here first before twitter


Wasn’t in the 7-11 in Albuquerque I stopped at for gas Saturday, the only reason I went inside was to see if they had it stocked.


Last official announcement was in limited 7-11 LA Austin and some other local Austin store. My guess expanding throughout California next.


see Soylent’s Next Chapter Soylent Blog / 2 days ago


You can search for participating 7-11’s on soylent.com, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on ‘Find a Store’, or just click on this: soylent.com/stores/

EDIT: According to this map:

the only participating stores are on the West Coast, around the Austin metro with stores in between there and the DFW metro (3 stores right outside DFW, none in) and one store in Brooklyn.


It looks like the stores in the Pacific Northwest are new.


I went to the 3400 Mission 7-11 here in SF and there was no Soylent to be found. (It should be there according to Soylent’s store map)


I doubt I’ll ever purchase one from a 7-11 outside of an emergency (but I’m not really sure what kind of emergency would require a 7-11 Soylent), but do they sell them cold or room temp?


They are in the fridge next to the Naked Juice and near the Starbucks Mochachinos. Price is over $4 with CA sales tax.


Nope, not at the one I mentioned. I guess their map is wrong.


what about 7-11’s in the city tho


It actually appeared in the 7-11 I mentioned above. Congrats RL.


Found some in the wilds of Austin…