Everyone should cancel and just DIY


So i have heard a lot of things from a lot of different posts on a lot of different threads. Here is what i have gathered.

  1. Soylent will not get to you in any reasonable amount of time
  2. Refunds are your best option at this point
  3. Making DIY mixes is better because it’s fine tuned to your body

My question:

Why is anyone still waiting for their soylent to ship? I am going to request my refund right now and just move on. So many people have said that soylent causes problems for them. deficiencies here and there.

Let this horrible body of a company whither away and keep the idea alive. They don’t deserve our money, and we don’t deserve to be stressing on whether or not our orders even exist at this point.

If you want to stick around, it’s all you


So I’ll agree with you to a point but I will ask you to not be hyperbolic…

Rosa Labs is not a horrible company. They are a young startup attempting to do something nobody else has. This isn’t an excuse but rather an explanation. A HORRIBLE company would not be giving refunds. They are not only giving refunds but have been quick to do so. A horrible company would to this day still be promising ship dates that they know they can’t hit.

It’s fine to be frustrated, it’s entirely reasonable to quit and want out. It’s a bit over the top to describe them in the way you have. DIY is a fantastic option but don’t be so quick to forget WHY we have a DIY community in the first place. Rob’s openness in developing this idea from the very start isn’t a get out of jail free card, but be mindful of all the positive things they have contributed and provided along the way!


I like the official Soylent, so I hope the company pulls through this rough patch.


all i said was that the body of soylent has run its course. they obviously can’t keep up with demand or they would have. I mean I think the situation speaks for itself at this point


That is the definition of hyperbolic


right. because everything written on an internet forum is so serious and full of academic perfection.

if you like soylent then great. but don’t start trying to dissect my every word at an attempt to make me seem like I am just hyped up.

I’m super calm and just sharing my opinion


It’s not about academic perfection it’s about what your intent was. If you wanted to have a legitimate discussion about the benefits of taking a refund to pursue DIY, that’s AWESOME! I fully support that as someone who did that very same thing and have not had an ounce of regret. When you make ridiculous statements such as referring to Rosa Labs as a horrible company it makes me feel like you are either ill informed, or instead, that your intent wasn’t to have a real discourse but instead to beat a dead horse for some other form of validation which is not why THIS particular forum is here.


In Melkins’ defense, I think his remark about Rosa Labs being “horrible” is a valid component of his proposal, and not just a baseless slam on the company. Coming to terms with the fact that Rosa Labs doesn’t seem to have it’s act together right now is why someone might choose to ask for a refund instead of perpetually waiting.


You sound like you want Soylent/Rose Lab to fail… Is that the only reason you are here? No one is stopping you from doing your own DIY soylent :slight_smile:

I was unable to get myself started on DIY soylent because getting each ingredient for the recipes I thought I would like was a huge hazzel… specially outside of USA. It was only recently that a few okay recipes popped up in europe that I would consider if I ever started on DIY

For some, the simple process of actually making the DIY itself is something we want to avoid, the initial cost, storing of all the different materials, sourcing them in the first place and then measuring and mixing.

I tried Soylent for 1 week now, and I wish I had more… I really did enjoy it, even though I ended up farting 1-2 days because I drank too much too fast :smiley:


I can’t answer for all obviously but I am still waiting because I want to wait and receive this product my boyfriend and I have been looking at for quite awhile now. Despite the problems people have mentioned, Soylent and its side-effects (both good and bad) is still a much more better diet than I’m currently on. And as much as I want to do a DIY myself (or order from someone else), unless I cancel my order of 1 month (which I don’t want to do at this point, if ever), I just can’t afford to at this time.

Ultimately, I guess the main reason I am still waiting is because I don’t mind waiting for however how long it will be (if there is a delay, kinda sucks but so be it), they still haven’t met the 10-12 week period for my order yet, and I still have high hopes for the company to pull through this rough patch & ultimately succeed in the future despite it’s past(current present).


I’m not anti-Rosa; I wish them no ill will and I hope they’re successful, but I am pro-refund and pro-DIY. It just doesn’t make rational sense to allow a company to hold on to your money in a situation where they’re not able to ship your order promptly. You’re just asking to be taken advantage of. As a general rule of business ethics (with some exceptions), orders should not be charged until the product is ready to ship. Even though I’m very satisfied with DIY, I’ll probably order one week from Rosa when (if) they reach the point when they’re able to ship orders within a week of placement.

Requesting a refund is not hateful or mean, it’s basic rationality and common sense.


That is opinion and nothing more.
I know I will get it eventually. I put disposable income in on this and can wait for however long is neccessary. Dont want a refund dont need a refund. You want a refund? Great, More power to ya.


I will not DIY. No chance. If Rosa Labs stops producing Soylent, then I will stop consuming Soylent (unless an essentially identical competing product shows up).

Everything I’ve read about DIY makes it crystal clear that it is most definitely not for me, and that goes for my other half as well. We wouldn’t put the effort into ordering the materials, maintaining a “work station”, nor making it. Also everything I’ve read about it from a texture/flavor/consistency standpoint just makes me cringe.

We’re about to run out of Soylent, and our subscription reorder is not here yet nor have we received any email notification of it being shipped. I’m having a sinking feeling that we may, for the first time since receiving Soylent 2.5 months ago, run out. That will be a major bummer… but DIY is simply not going to happen here. No way. It’s great if you enjoy that sort of thing, but we don’t.


You are all misreading my comment.

The term"horrible body of a company" is meant to mean that obviously the Company isn’t able to do what it claimed. Period. And should just go away or get up to speed. End of thought.

But the IDEA of DIY. should stick around. That’s what I meant


How is fulfilling a huge majority of orders so far, refunding on demand, maintaining this community and decent communication from the company a failure?

Your assessment of Rosa Labs and the Soylent product as a failure is your opinion. They’ve responded professionally and rationally to each of the roadblocks in their way, are working to bring production in-house to streamline supply, and have successfully shipped tens of thousands of days of Soylent to backers/preorders. Not to mention the funding and positioning they have, and the fact that they’ve taken less than two years to create an entirely new industry.

You’re saying they’re a horrible company, but you’re either basing it off of a vocal minority (the complainers on these forums number about several dozen) or you have another source of information leading you to believe there are problems. Can you elaborate on why you think Rosa Labs is a failure?

I readily acknowledge that they’ve made mistakes and disappointed people along the way, but I don’t see anything nearly as unredeemable as you seem to perceive in the company.

I think they’ve rationally handled each issue as it came up, made decisions that weren’t optimal, but communicated their development coherently and honestly, up until the recent change in communications.


This is why I consider DIY superior:

  1. $3 per day, about 1/3rd the price of Rosa’s version of Soylent. This is an extra ~$2200 in your wallet at the end of the year. ~$11,000 after 5 years. You could fund all your future car purchases just from your DIY savings. Would I rather have 5 years of Rosa Soylent, or would I rather have 5 years of DIY and a car?

  2. About 1 hour of prep time every 2 weeks – equivalent to less than 5 minutes of prep time per day. Very clean, almost no mess (I do it all in the sink so cleanup takes just seconds). This is 26 hours of work per year to save ~$2200 – equivalent to being paid $85 per hour.

  3. Personalized flavor for excellent taste, probably superior to Rosa Soylent (I will do a comparison to Rosa Soylent when/if it becomes possible to actually order & receive it in a timely manner).

  4. Completely customized nutrition based on your individual needs and preferences, and ability to avoid ingredients you don’t want.

  5. On days when you’ll be eating something else such as a restaurant meal, you can adjust your DIY based on what else you’ll be eating – for example, on my restaurant days, I have a separate DIY recipe that omits the oil and sodium and increases potassium and fiber.

There are many more reasons, but I’ll leave it at that for now. For me, the financial reasons are the most compelling. If you offered people $2200 for 26 hours of easy, pleasant work, I bet very VERY few people would turn it down.


As long as you acknowledge that the people requesting refunds are acting rationally and without malice, then you’re an a-okay person in my book. But I do have a problem with the people who say that the people requesting refunds are acting maliciously or irrationally.


I’ve gotten to the point with my DIY that I’m seriously wondering whether I will be continuing past the two weeks of Official Soylent I’ve ordered or if I will just keep making my DIY. I really like it and effort wise it is pretty easy. I’m sitting at $6/day and some of that is expensive ingredients that we have around the house anyway that were sometimes going to waste. (At least $1/day first that criteria)

@vanclute - DIY really isn’t difficult. Yes it isn’t quite as convenient as the official stuff, but making a bunch of days of it is really very easy. Especially with two of you to do it. As for the texture, just stay away from Masa based DIY and you’ll be fine. The Oat Flour and Maltodextrin recipes are pretty good among others. Get a $10 scale or two and go. Seriously, it takes probably 15 minutes for me to mix up 5 days worth. Which you are clearly willing to spend making brownies etc. If it isn’t for you, it isn’t, but some of your critiques really don’t seem valid from where I’m sitting.

Once you’ve mixed the powder, the oil portion is pretty much the same as what you are doing now.


I’m on the verge of a cancel and go DIY route, but honestly I don’t want to have to deal with that part of it, and yes I have made DIY with a friend, and it took 15 minutes, but I much rather just have a steady supply of ready to go soylent come in the mail, but since that may not be an option, who knows, either way I hope I get my 6 weeks I have ordered or get my money back to make DIY, i just want an easy 100% nutrition, thats it!


Neebs I was a bit intimidated myself. Now I bag up 7 days worth of food in about 30 minutes every Sunday or Monday night. The worst part is wiping down the kitchen :slight_smile: The only potential negative is having to buy some ingredients in bulk before you know for sure you will love it.