Everyones favourite: Can you check my recipe and answer my stupid questions?


Hi all!
As you can probably tell, I’m a newcomer to here. I have been keenly reading about Rob etc. for the last month or so and have finally decided to take the plunge.

Before fully commit (buy ingredients) to Soylent though, I have a few (possibly stupid) questions I couldnt find the answer to anywhere:

  1. How can I attach my Excel file to this post? Or has this worked: link
  2. Are there any important steps I need to follow when mixing the soylent? I figure i would just mix all of the powders in a blender and add water.
  3. In the Excel document, I’ve highlighted all the excess items in red. Are these dangerous values ie: is the extra 10g of fibre going to cause problems. if so:
  4. Can you see any ways for me to adjust it to make it safer, I have spent hours on it and so could do with a fresh set of eyes!

Note, I am almost identically built to Rob, I run most days, swim around twice per week, play hockey twice a week, play soccer twice a week, and do as many body weight exersises as I can throughout the day.

Thanks so much for your help!


You need to grant anonymous permissions to your spreadsheet so that we can view it.

10g over on your fiber could cause digestive problems, especially if you are not used to that much fiber. This was an issue that I had (twice). I would recommend slowly increasing your fiber from a low level.

All recipes that I have seen (minus the real food ones) you could just throw it all in a blender or shaker to mix it.

If you fix the permissions I will take a look at your recipe.

Good luck.


It looks like you didn’t make the sheet public so to view your spreadsheet I have to request access.

I literally throw my stuff into a blender (with water in it already) and mix. Just measure accuratly.


thanks for the advice so quickly, this site is awesome!
I think I’ve fixed the google doc.


Yup, I have access now. Reading through it.


On the overages:
Chloride - This might be toxic levels. Most of your chloride is coming from your potassium source, so you might look into potassium gluconate instead. Sodium is a lot more flexible, so if you end up putting in more salt to compensate that’s okay. Also Lo Salt is nifty. It’s 33% sodium chloride and 66% potassium chloride. So that might be good to look into if you’re wanting to keep your sodium down.

Magnesium - Definitely too high. Magnesium is something you have to be very careful with. The RDA is 400 mg, but the UL is 350 mg, due to the difference in bioavailability between food and supplements. And overages quickly become… rather unpleasant. So definitely try to lower this. You might have to find another way to supplement your calcium, something with lower magnesium levels.

Vitamin B’s (Including Thiamin and Riboflavin) - These are water soluble and your body will just absorb what it needs and easily flush the rest. There’s no need to worry on those.

I’m not sure about the others. I’ll come back and take another look in a bit, but those are good things to start with.


Whew, it took me a few minutes to figure out your spreadsheet. I’m just blind.

Even though you have your potassium highlighted you are fine with that amount.

Your chloride is way too high, you will need to decrease that. UL for chloride is 3.6 grams

As I stated above I would recommend decreasing your fiber and slowly increasing it. But this is just a recommendation.

Your magnesium is also way too high. UL for magnesium is 350 mg. You will need to decrease it as you may be in toxic territory.
Try finding a tablet for calcium and a separate one for magnesium. I use the MagOx 400 (but I am in the US, not sure where you are at).
I would also assume that your protein has calcium and iron in it as well, but I don’t see it listed on their webpage.

Your riboflavin is right at the UL.

You also have a typo on your panthothenic.

Your sulfur is kind of high as well. 2 grams is a lot of sulfur. I think the consensus on here is that Rob set his to 2 grams since he was deficient in it for 3 months. Mine is set at 1.7 and it is just about perfect (slightly high).
You are also getting around 667 mg of sulfur from your protein, so I would definitely cut back on the sulfur.

I suck at vitamin numbers, so I can’t really help there. Also I did not examine your ingredients, just the intake amount you have at the bottom of your spreadsheet.



On this note, I use a mix of Potassium Gluconate and Potassium Chloride so that I can get enough potassium, without the price going up drastically. Potassium Gluconate is definitely one of the more expensive vitamins to get.


That’s a good call as well. I just calculated some into my recipe as well and it brought the price down a lot. Thanks for the suggestion.


This is exactly the type I help I was hopeing for thanks!
Ihave to do i big drive today but will have another stab tonight with the new ideas, I’m living in Australia which isn’t as restrictive as I was expecting, just a little more expensive.
Thanks again. :smile:


Also: Apparently Rob changed his dosage of iron from 18mg to 9mg at the two month mark. Because it was in the middle of the text, looking back through other recipes I’ve noticed many people also missed this change.

Whether or not this has since changed (especially with the add of oat powder), I’m not really sure. Something to keep in mind, though.


Done a bit more rearanging, have adjust the chloride, magnesium (kinda, just realised its still over the UL, see q6) and Potassium and coloured them all purple.
The fiber is still un adjusted but will get on that as soon as possible.

Stupid questions cont.

5.[quote=“HarveyDesu, post:7, topic:3886”]
You are also getting around 667 mg of sulfur from your protein
Where do you find this info? I cant find it anywhere and wasnt aware of the content. Does this mean I left out much more in a simmilar fashion?
6. [quote=“HarveyDesu, post:7, topic:3886”]
UL for magnesium is 350 mg.
If the RDA is 400 mg, but the UL is 350 mg, does this mean the 400 mg can be consumed if its spaced throught the day?


Most companies won’t list sulfur amounts in the smaller nutrient detail on the can / bottle / tub, so you have to explicitly ask the manufacturer for the nutrient list. This said, even then some simply won’t measure how much is there, mostly because both the UL and RDA haven’t really been figured out. Personally, I just keep the fat-soluable vitamins on the conservative side where possible, and deal with deficiencies as they come through blood work checks* (Except vitamin D… i swear by that stuff >.> )

*disclaimer: Order for nom-parts are still coming in, so I’ve yet to start.


hmm, good to know… and a little worrying!
By the way, that is one sexy spreadsheet you have there!


Okey doke, I’ve spent a solid few hours re-doing most my spreadsheet (same link). I cant see any way to improve it anymore other than adjusting for cost later down the road.
If anyone can bring themselve to have one last glance over it I’d be massively gratefull.

And (hopefully), the last of the stupid questions:

The are still a fair few items no right on the RDA, by all accounts, they are mostly fine though, My only concern is low iron. will a value as low as it is currently (6.14mg, RDA is 8-9mg) be particularly dangerous until I can find a decent Australian Iron supplement?

Cheers again


The difference here is the sources. The RDA is associated with what you’re getting from food sources, or what is consumed in your day to day diet. The UL is associated with supplement forms of magnesium. Apparently it’s really hard to get magnesium poisoning from food, due to it’s lower bioavailability, but can easily be done with a supplement as you are taking the raw chemical form.


It looks good to me! You should be fine for a while on low iron, but you’ll want to find a good supplement before long. Just keep an eye out for symptoms of low iron. Mostly fatigue and weakness.


hmm, very interesting information thanks. I’ve noticed most peoples recipes I’ve been looking through for reference seem to have >350 mg for Mg. Is like this is a fairly commone mistake?


Thanks so much for the help, I reckon I’ll have a stab at buying it all in the morning!


It is, and it’s kind of a gray area anyway. I have no official capacity from which to speak, but between 350mg and 400mg is probably tolerable. It’s just something you want to be careful with. My recipe has 320mg. If you’re just mildly over the symptoms are mostly unpleasant bathroom trips, but it can get more severe when you get too high. The level differences get confusing really fast.