Everything went fine until


9 days ago, my final order arrived with the ingredients for my DIY Soylent recipe (People Chow 3.0.1). I was quite excited!

My diet before taking this endeavor was comprised of inconsistently eating cheap foods, with a (sometimes forgotten) multivitamin. Caloric intake ranged severely due to laziness (~300-2000). I also drank quite a bit of alcohol. So I was excited to make a change to a more consistent diet most certainly. I weened off of alcohol before starting soylent. Day one I had a few cocktails with my glorious batch of soylent. Everything went fine.

I felt a bit weird the first couple days. I experienced some typical things I’ve heard like mild headaches and more yellow urine. Drinking more water helped out a lot and by day 6 my urine had returned to normal. I do notice I urinate more in general, though, especially when inactive.

Other than that I felt great! More energy and motivation, awareness of my senses increased! I got things done I had been procrastinating for months!

On about day 4, I did cut out my last quarter of daily soylent due to just being too full. I continued the next day (since then I’ve always had one blender bottle from the last batch in the morning the next day, which works for me.)

On day 7 I consumed a frozen alcoholic drink (10 oz, 5% alcohol, 250 calories). Nothing to report, my alcohol tolerance is still quite high and barely noticed anything.

On day 8 I ate half a sandwich (American cheese and turkey on wheat) and had a single glass of cheap red wine with a friend. Everything seemed fine for a couple hours, other than the fact that food now sounded DELICIOUS. Slowly a headache creeped up on me… Then it became a feeling of sickness… I vomited profusely and out came a bunch of coagulated red wine. As soon as the soylent started to come (I purchased bobs red mill maza harina, it’s awe fully grainy I don’t suggest it) I had to force myself to stop for a bit and drink some water. It took me about 4 hours of holding my head, slowly drinking water until I threw it back up again till the red was gone. The last time I vomited, I saw traces of the wheat bread and that was all. Feeling a bit better by now, and assuming that whatever caused my ailment had mostly exited, I sipped water for an hour and forced myself not vomit to ensure some level of hydration and went to bed, worn out.

Last night I was feeling quite frightened about the potential of returning to real food becoming a significant problem. Equally likely in my (potentially soylent-biased) mind is that cheap red wine (and most cheap alcohol) is terrible for you and makes you sick. Honestly i have no idea what caused this ailment, and if anybody has any ideas or advice I’d love to hear them.

It’s now 11:40 the next day (slept much longer than usual to make up for being up sick so late last night), mild headache still prevalent. I plan to drink some water and then my morning soylent, then perhaps some yogurt to attempt real food and get some probiotics in me. We will see what happens from here.


Yikes. Please do a follow-up on this. While I cannot see a mechanism for your microbiome to have shifted so dramatically in such a short time (and having tangled with cheap wine myself a few times), and it would seem more wine-related than soylent related, it is nevertheless a data point worth noting.


I will certainly include a follow up when I have more to report.

It’s worth noting a week or two before starting soylent, I consumed large amounts of the same wine after large amounts of vodka and experienced no symptoms the next day.


It is possible that you were simply ill (IE had some kind of gastroenteritis), but the coagulated red wine is interesting.


I have a couple of thoughts…

Before the sandwich, did you have your mix of people chow that day. How much, how quickly, how much water, were you drinking enough water?
-> I ask this because your “coagulated” red wine sounds like the liquid in the wine reacting with less-than-fully hydrated masa and expanding in your stomach, leading to gas, leading to uncomfortable side effects, leading to expelling the offending masa.
Second, do you soak your mixture over night?
-> By leaving the mixture in water over night, it allows the masa to hydrate (you will notice a lower water line in the morning) and i think this would alleviate your problem, if in fact you are not doing this.

Remember, people chow has ALOT of masa in it. Probably too much, but that is another discussion.

I had a similar experience a few days ago, I am using QuidNYC Superfood. It contains masa and I decided to chug “lunch” right before heading to the bar, with little water. Well… half a beer in I felt VERY uncomfortable, like the scene from the original Alien, something is gonna pop out of my stomach!!! I think it had to do with limited water and some effect that alcohol has on masa in particular that I am unfamiliar with.

All of that being said, most of what i have said is anecdotal and unsubstantiated theory.

EDIT - also i would change the header from “Soylent Experiences” to “DIY”. Upper-case ‘S’ Soylent is the official mixture whereas lower-case ‘s’ soylent is DIY as a whole.


Coagulated red wine possibly caused by partially hydrated/broken down overly course bobs red mill(or masa in general?). Dehydration a likely contributing factor to this process. Food most likely unrelated.

In regards to your final note, the description of this header is “describe your experiences with Soylent 1.0 or DIY” so I will hold off on this suggestion for now, though it was indeed almost my initial decision… It could use some clearing up indeed.

I had already taken in over half of my daily soylent when I ate the two-bite sandwich(due to my ailment I ended up finishing only about 3/4 of a days worth). I may have been dehydrated a bit. I soak half of my mix overnight (2 blender bottles) and then individually replace the next two after drinking them, allowing close to the same time for all of them to soak. I shake them very well before soaking and don’t notice any of the water level changing.

When I vomited, there was still some of the bobs red mill overly course maza and as I mentioned I had to stop as it scratched my throat worse coming up than going down. The fact that it was still course and then a bit later I threw up the coagulated wine would seem to agree with your theory quite well.

Knowing how alcohol can dehydrate, and how soylent can turn to glue when dehydrated… It would make sense for your body to freak out approaching that fate I suppose.

I’ve made a batch with some maseca I picked up today and it blends FAR better than the bobs red mill. I guess I’m going to have to mix half and half or something close to get through these 12 pounds of it I have left.

I’ll trying indulging in alcohol with the maseca, and possibly the bobs red mill again in the near future and follow up. Not too soon and never with cheap red wine again…

I’ve found chugging a whole “meals” worth of soylent to be displeasurable to my stomach regardless by the way.

Thank you for sharing such a similar experience and theories! I agree hydration and unabsorbed masa is likely our culprit, as I drank the 5% alcohol frozen drink the night before and felt fine. Perhaps there is indeed some weird reaction between masa and alcohol that occur within the body though.

I also could have eaten a piece of mold on bread or something and simply got sick from that or something, as @TegidTathal mentioned, though the coagulation does perhaps lend more merit to this other theory.

PS I ate that yogurt and my body isn’t reverting real food, not that I thought that was a rational fear in the first place.


As a transplanted Scott this is a horrible story. Can’t fathom going without beer (alcohol/wine/drinks whatever) for more than 1 day whether I am on Soylent or not. It’s a matter of national pride and frankly pride of self. Perhaps a study is needed to determine if a drinker should stay away from Soylent x hours before drinking or if this is just some random “can’t handle my drinks story”.


I guarantee that the handling of drinks isn’t the case ;). It was a frighteningly different experience from anything I’ve ever had whilst drinking. I’m usually a heavy drinker. I’ll let you know how my own “study” goes as I don’t plan on giving up alcohol for soylent by any means!

EDIT: I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to be participating in DIY and are awaiting your order of official soylent. It’s worth mentioning to you again as was above that this may be a problem with the masa interacting with the alcohol, which isn’t in the official soylent IIRC. Rob mentions mixing it with vodka, so this makes me think further it could be the masa. Still an unsubstantiated theory though, needs more research.

Also if you haven’t gone without a drink in awhile, you may be an alcoholic. Worth mentioning to someone seeking better health and nutrition, not meaning to offend your lineage. Be safe!


Ahh, I see. Having a drink 1 a night with or after dinner is pretty common in many cultures.
There of course is a difference between beer/wine being culturally important in everyday life, and the guy who drinks to get drunk every night.


Time for a follow up post! It’s really all good news. I had a long day of exercise followed by heavy drinking and hours of dancing packed in near the front of a large concert venue. Later that night I at a bunch of greasy junk food. Pretty strenuous test on my body as well as consumption and came out completely fine, feeling great.

I drank my last soylent of the day about an hour before I started drinking. This may have been my saving grace (unless the initial cause was alcohol unrelated).

I have now added creatine into post workout meals and am more focused on hydration while consuming soylent. It seems to help a lot with water retention.

Phew! In the near future I plan on consuming alcohol directly with soylent again. I have a hypothesis that the bob’s red mill masa being so course could have a negative effect on digestion especially with alcohol, so I’ll end up doing it twice with both kinds of masa. Perhaps I will soon start looking into other flours as well.

I’m really hesitant to recreate the circumstances I experienced before, but I intend to get as close as possible to sort this out as much as I can. Thanks for the interest!