Evicting an unwanted guest

My wife has pretty much read me the riot act. I have Soylent on the Nutrifast schedule: “a delicious shake for breakfast, another for lunch, and a sensible dinner.” It’s pretty great. I even like the taste. And it’s massively improved the quality of my diet.

However, I’m one of “those people” who have an… adverse reaction to Soylent. This makes for a daily symphony of destruction that reaches an apex around 6-8pm. Then, the sound and fury fades. Well, the sound fades. The fury… lingers. It loiters. It lends qualities to the atmosphere not typically associated with air. Qualities like texture.

And, apparently, it spreads. On bad days, my wife claims she can smell it downstairs and across the house. The uninvited guest that won’t leave.

There is no mercy and no relief. Beano? Hah! Gas-X? Don’t make me laugh. No, seriously, don’t. Please. Laughing means breathing. Breathing means suffering.

Fortunately I work from home. If I didn’t, no doubt I would be fired. And that’d be bad, because if I were around fire, one can only assume a spectacular mushroom cloud would be the inevitable result. Forget downstairs, they’d be smelling burnt stench for blocks in every direction.

I don’t even have the option to try to blame it on anything else, because the smell is unlike anything else on this earth, and neither of us are astronauts. Basically, I’m doing whatever the opposite of terraforming is.

So my wife wants the uninvited guest evicted. Hopefully the supply of 1.2 that is currently on its way lasts long enough for 1.3 to get here, and hopefully 1.3 addresses this, because otherwise that’s it for Soylent in our house.

I’ve been following the forum for some time, and everybody has their theories, but it would be really great if RL were a little more forthcoming about their plans to address this issue. Which, I guess, is the point of my post. Sorry it took so long to get there.

On the plus side, our heating bills are way down.



Or buy Shreddies underwear.

They apparently actually work. If the smell is the main problem for you, that could solve it.

Just tell people your farts have an amazing nutritional profile compared to the Standard American Farts, and they are better off smelling them than eating twinkies.


Have you tried 1.1? Wonder if that would have helped.

“sniff test” Oh God, what?

I hope that @Soylent reduces the total sulfur content of Soylent before starting international shipping… Otherwise they might end up in court for biological warfare


I thought there was no sulfur anymore?

Yes, I have tried both 1.0 and 1.1. There is absolutely no difference between the two in terms of chemical agent dispersal. (As noted in my original post Beano – the primary gas-related difference between 1.0 and 1.1 – has absolutely no effect, regardless of quantity.)

Although I try to keep it light hearted, my wife is not kidding: this is a serious problem, and if it doesn’t get worked out, and soon, no more Soylent.

For my part, sure, I enjoy farts and fart jokes as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend the rest of my life trapped in a Terrence & Philip cartoon. When your gas is so bad you have to leave the room, at some point it stops being funny.

Word on the street is that 1.3 may help, but that doesn’t appear to be based on much actual evidence. RL is being very cagey about it, and I just wish they would come out and say that they’re aware of the problem and working on it, and give us some clue as to what “working on it” means. Because, for example, I and others could have told them that adding Beano to 1.1 wasn’t going to fix it.


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I wonder if there can ever be a true universal solution to this, since the degree of problem is so varied. Myself for example, had pretty bad gas the first week or two, then it subsided to just occasional, then eventually to close to zero, then came back somewhat, and that’s where it is now. But it hasn’t been problematic in the ways others describe for either of us.

So I dunno… just makes me wonder if it’s even possible to come up with a recipe that truly solves this issue 100% for all people, and yet is still Soylent.

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This from the NPR interview they did recently:
“We have tried to correct that in subsequent versions by first adding an enzyme blend which helps to break down some of those fibers that are known to cause some of those issues. In future versions we’ve reformulated the carbohydrate and fiber blends to eliminate the issue completely.”

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Some more Shreddies reviews (including someone they didn’t work for). It’d be great if someone here tried them and posted about them!


Just to add a personal observation, I had gas problems with my DIY just like official Soylent, but they went away when I switched whey protein to a low/zero carb brand which contains only microfiltered and ion-exchange whey isolates, no whey protein concentrate.

Hmmm sounds like this could be on the near horizon… here’s hoping!

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Rice protein contains plenty of sulfur. It is my understanding that there are a few other things with sulfate such as: zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate. I will be honest and say I am not sure right now about the total amount of sulfur in Soylent, but the rice protein alone puts it in the high end from my understanding.

So, does anyone know the exact amount of sulfur when you add all the different things together?

My subscription has been canceled. My wife has had enough.

Yep. I had to do the same thing. My DIY doesn’t give me horrible gas so I get to keep my wife. :smile:

I really hope they can fix this in version 1.3. I don’t even mind taking gas pills if they would work.

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Perhaps one of the DIY alternatives like Schmoylent or 100%Food?

And not to downplay the severity of the issue, but…
Sneeze vs Toot

@jdw you may be interested in this thread http://discourse.soylent.me/t/the-real-problems-with-soylent-are-not-fixed-in-version-1-1/17259

Calcium carbonate may be the culprit in soylent. When that is removed maybe your issue will be fixed.


I’ve tried it, and it works well. The only side effect I experienced is that it turns the stool greenish-black.

It does take 24 - 48 hours to start working, so it’s not an instant cure.