Exact amount in Soylent (of everything)


Am I the only one who would really like a “complete” breakdown of everything in Soylent at some point? I do not think basic nutritional facts are substantial for Soylent and would really like a detailed version instead

I don’t feel like it has to be printed on the package, but we should be able to look it up on the website…

I imagine it would cost quite a bit to analyze exactly how much is in Soylent of everything, so it would be alright if they didn’t do this until they are sure it would be some time between any adjustments to the recipe.

I hope I came across as clear in what I am asking for and I hope the Soylent team is open to the idea of such a breakdown list of what is in Soylent

It would have to include elements that might not even be deemed essential yet or ever like bromine (that was recently found to be essential to life… No bromine = no cell scafolding)

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They have a complete break down of Soylent ingredients over these three blog posts:

How up-to-date they are though is debatable. They corrected iron values, but I don’t think they updated the oat flour amount. Then again, I don’t really remember what it was at the time of the blog post, just that they decreased it after a sample proved to be to thick.

As for things not in that list, they may have to get it from RFI’s lab, and would probably include contaminants or other unwanted materials.


I got a little extra from one of the other Rosa Labs people.


Not talking about ingredients, I mainly meant all trace elements. :slight_smile: and perhaps also specify exactly which vitamin is used. Like with vitamin k1 vs k2 and d2 vs d3 and synthetic vitamin e and so on. The more details the better :slight_smile:


Yes, more of this basically

Edit: In the name of science, they could make it a large list that also either links to information about each vitamin/mineral and explains what it does in the body or doesn’t do in cases of non essential elements/minerals


So basically a breakdown of whats in the ingredients for the Soylent ingredients?


Yep :slight_smile: that would be a better way to put it


I think they have already done that for iron and a few others (i.e. Iron (21.6mg) from Oat Flour and Rice Protein ), but it doesn’t look like they all have them. If I recall, the post on micro nutrients says they had 8.#mg of iron, but that only included iron from one of the sources, I can’t remember if it was from the oats or the rice.

If those blog posts are up-to-date, and the sums of the ingredients of Soylent’s ingredients don’t add up to whats in the blog, at least we’d know something got added incorrectly.


A total for all the ingredients combined would be fine, but then perhaps listing from which ingredients the minerals/vitamins/trace elements also came from


We plan on getting further chemical analysis done on future and more stable versions of the product. It is very expensive to run the analysis from what we have seen. If anyone in this community has a hook up that can give us a complete breakdown please let me know!


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