Exact contents of Soylent 1m package - need info for customs


I live in Poland and ordered 2 months of Soylent in October. When international shipping has been delayed until 2015 I’ve decided to use a forwarding service and had it shipped to Chicago. The order arrived in Chicago 2 weeks ago and was forwarded to my address in Poland (3 packages - 2 x 1m of Soylent and 1 x Starter Kit).
Yesterday I’ve received the Starter Kit and was informed that Soylent is being held by customs (it’s 80 lbs of whitish powder, so I can understand why they are holding it :smile: )

Anyway, I need to know what exactly are the contents of the packages containing the “meals”. Are there any bills, invoices, confirmations of payment, etc.? So basically anything revealing the actual price? This is important, because if there is anything indicating the market value that I’ll have to pay about 30% of it’s value (+shipping) as customs fees.
But if there aren’t any than they will most probably let it go after I state the contents.


How would they know the powder is white? It’s in bags lol?

Just tell them it’s “masa harina”

Cost couple bucks in stores and cheap online only 10 bucks!

This is the majority of the Soylent in DIY People Chow.


There was NO invoice in my package. Just a note with instructions on how to mix Soylent.


Yeah, the one month boxes are made up of four smaller weekly boxes each with 7 bags and a box with 7 oils. Don’t remember there being any sort of invoice or receipt.


The ingredients are listed on the side of the box.


Yeah don’t listen to mrcode on this one as that could give more trouble


Thanks for the answers.

It seems that that there are no receipts or invoices in the box holding the smaller boxes or in the smaller boxes.

Can please anyone else confirm it? Just for the sake of statistics :wink:

Thanks for then info but the box(es) are being held by customs and I have no access to the boxes themselves. But I was asking of the contents of the shipping boxes rather the ingredients of the product itself (which I know almost by heart now :smiley: )

If there are no receipts/invoices in the package then I won’t have to lie about what Soylent is, I’ll just have to lie about it’s value and tell them it’s a gift and I don’t know it’s value.


I’ve seen company’s lie all the time :x:


Each one week box contains 7 packages of Soylent powder each weighing 444grams. And 7 oil blend bottles containing 60ml each. Does this help?


Further confirmation. There have been no invoices in any of my boxes, just the Soylent and the instruction card.


thanks, this info is helpful as well, but if you could try to remember if there was a receipt and a invoice (or anything with the price written on it) that would be even more helpful. Thanks!


I believe there are some videos of people opening their first Soylent boxes you can look up… As I remember there were only the things mentioned by others… No price or such


No invoices or packing slip. That may be something RL can add in the future.


The only personalized thing in my Soylent shipments were the shipping labels on the box. The receipt I got was via email, clear back when I pledged.


Ok, thanks everyone! This has been very helpful, I know the package contents now and I’m off to fill out the customs documents.


Food for thought: are your customs agents so incompetent that they never spot-check by going online to look up “Soylent” to see if your answer seems reasonable?


I am not sure about Poland, but I imagine customs officials have plenty of work to keep them busy. Throwing his boxes in the corner indefinitely while they do other work is probably no big deal to them. I doubt they have time to do much research and probably do not care, since the packages are not theirs.


I had to send FedEx an email with a brief description of what it was (4x7 pouches of Soylent, 4x7 canisters of oil, plus 1x7 pouches Soylent, 1x7 canisters oil, 1x pitcher and 1x metal scoop), that I wasn’t planning on reselling it and also a copy of my credit card statement proving what I paid for it (apparently it was far heavier than they’d expect for the money). They passed that onto Customs in the UK and they (within 24 hours) released it.