Exceptionally Excited to Start

I get paid on July first and can’t wait for this day to come and pass so i can start my new journey with Soylent. I’ve read so many amazing things and i currently love Slimfast for breakfast and lunch. But its not really meant to be more then that. Plus it needs milk and without milk (how i use it milk is mostly reserved for my kids. Though my husband and sister get bowls of cereal.) It only keeps me full for like about 2 hours.
Soylent seems like a product of my dreams and when my check comes in I’m going to start! I am so excited for this and wish it was about july 5th already so it can be here xD.
I just love the idea of not having to look at every ingredient in everything i eat trying to figure out what i need to say i ate. The simplicity, the convenience, the perfect calorie amount, and all the nutrients in it will be my best friend. Ugh. Why can’t time speed up?
I plan to add chia seeds for more fiber and antioxidants and stuffs :slight_smile:

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Good luck! Hopefully Soylent does what you are hoping. I do find that Soylent doesn’t really fill me up, but 10-15 minutes after finishing a bottle I find I’m not hungry any more, and that lasts until the next meal.


Well I imagine its going to be similar to SlimFast with milk,but not actually having milk. Which is way better for me. Buying milk gets frustrating when 5 people drink it daily. I’m mostly excited for the convenience of it. I can just wake up and get it with little to no effort in the mornings before my college classes start. I’m going to use 1.9 and pre mix the next day’s breakfast at night so it is a grab and go situation.

Pre-mixing the night before is exactly what I’ve been doing, too! It’s so quick and convenient, and of course it can get chilled overnight (and it tastes better when chilled). I just tried 2.0 today for the first time. Even more convenient, because I don’t have to mix, I don’t have to clean out my reusable bottles, and I don’t have to worry about mess and hassle. I don’t like that it’s not as sustainable as using your own bottles, but at least I can recycle them. I’m excited for you to start your journey, too!

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Thanks! I have thought about 2.0 but then the fact that its much more expensive for amounts. Its like 1.87 a meal vs. 3 something. Lastly i watched this one video

And i was like… Shit. That’s so many bottles… Like… Ouch. I am gonna take serious measures to ensure the Soylent bags get recycled.

Goodluck,you will can do it

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