Excessive urination?


I’ve been using the 0.7 official soylent samples for about 30-50% food replacement for about 10 days. I’ve noticed that when I’m drinking 1L of soylent over a period of a couple hours I urinate a lot. Like 1-2 times per hour and it feels like I’m expelling more liquid than I’m taking in. I can re-hydrate after I put the soylent away for a few hours, but I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well?


What is unination?
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I urinate excessively when I don’t get enough salt, so that might be worth looking into.

Also, just a wild guess, maybe too much water?

Is the urine colorless or yellow?
Does the urine foam?


Check your potassium load. If it is more than 4 grams/day your kidneys are simply getting rid of the excess. [quote=“kthprog, post:2, topic:5430”]
Is the urine colorless or yellow?
important point. If you are consuming more than 3-4 liters of liquid per day (count anything liquid at room temp.) and your urine is colorless, reduce your overall liquid.try 1/2 liter per day to start. If it is dark yellow not enough liquid. It should look pretty much like lemonade although multivitamins can make it a little brighter.
Also not enough salt (Na especially) will result in an effort to remove water from the body to increase the Na concentration in the cells. But you only need about 2 Gm of sodium, which most of us get pretty easily when eating whole foods. so when create your formula keep this in mind.


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Yeah, it’s colorless and no foam. I don’t feel like I’m drinking too much water, but I will check my potassium levels. Again, this only happens during and shortly after drinking Soylent. It’s possible it’s simply too much liquid, but feels like I’m peeing 1.5-2x the liquid I’m drinking during that time.


Measure it. Most people overestimate how much they pee. Keep an I&O chart


Before you go changing things, give it a few days (unless you feel like you have dangerous levels of something in your mix). If you were previously dehydrated (and lots of people are) then you will urinate more when you start drinking more water. It happens to me all the time. I’m almost always dehydrated, and if I go from dehydrated to a few more glasses of water I’m seriously urinating every 20 minutes for a while…and then it levels off. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t some kind of buildup of toxins in my kidney’s that my body is immediately trying to get rid of when I re-hydrate. If it’s been longer than 2 or 3 days though, that’s not the issue.


Colorless implies too much water.
No foam says you’re not overdoing it on the protein.
I would just drink less water.