Exercise in a can



Oh man sign me up… lol


Soylent + Exercise in a can for me =


I’m also curious to see if any of the big, well-established companies like Nestle will ever produce their own Soylent-like products.


Except that the whole theory is that you WOULDN’T get all fat & slothy because your body would essentially be exercising all the time. My guess is it’s probably the same as people who “fidget” a whole lot. They’re burning extra calories all the time without having to even think about it. I really should do that more.


Does it affect muscle growth or just calories being burned? If it’s just calories, you’d still be a bit skinny-fat, bro.

Nothing can replace actual exercise. It’s a good idea for those that have issues, though.


Well yeah, ultimately our muscles need actual stimulation in order to develop. Still for those who sit in a chair for most of their working life… something like this could be a big help.


Future soylent product?


Would be cool to add something like this to Soylent/Soylent-like product.