Expectation on 1.9 Original Powder?


Just wondering if the nutritional changes made in Cacao will be brought over to the Original flavor soon?


There will be a 1.9 original, right? I’d hate to think that Soylent is switching over only to flavored versions.


Yes, it’s coming very soon.


soylent 1.9 nectar or riot


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What’s the reasoning behind the increase in saturated fat in 1.9? The boyfriend’s doctor suggested less saturated fat for cholesterol purposes and drinking Soylent twice a day with pretty much whatever we want for dinner was working pretty well for us. Increasing the saturated fat for the first two meals of the day lessens the amount we can have for solid food meals, so I’m not sure how I feel about original changing to version 1.9.


Well 1.9 is currently only Cacao flavored, which contains cocoa powder, which contains saturated fat. So part of the difference may simply be due to the flavor? It’s actually possible that all of the additional saturated fat is from cocoa powder. 12.5 g of cocoa powder would contain 1 g of saturated fat. That would make 1.9 Cacao approximately 14% cocoa powder, which sounds high to me, but possible.


Where are the release notes for version 1.9 or have they not been released yet? I checked the website but the most up-to-date listings only cover up to 1.8.


Is the Original 1.9 blend further delayed, or is it just around the corner? 2.5 months have gone past.


I am also curious as to when original 1.9 will be released, I likely will not order any 1.8 original because of the grit but if 1.9 fixes that I’ll likely change my order into 7 bags each cacao and original.


In terms of smoothness 1.8 is essentially aligned with 1.9. There is only so much smoothness we can achieve with a nutrient dense product. But it is something we always focus on.


That isn’t entirely true, 1.7 was really smooth. Something changed between versions that introduced grit into 1.8. Whether it was the shift to soluble corn fiber or something else I don’t know. It was enough to make me stop drinking it for a while and switch to Huel. It wasn’t until Cacao powder was released that I came back but I would like to go back to original if the grit can be mitigated.


Is it possible that when you switched to Cacao 1.9 you started mixing it in the Huel shaker? For some reason I get a lot less grit in my 1.8 that I mix in the Huel shaker than I do when mixing it in my shaker with a blender ball. My digestive system wasn’t a huge fan of Huel when I tried it, but their shaker seriously kicks a**. If you haven’t tried mixing 1.8 in it, I highly recommend that you do.


Definitely would be worth a shot if I had any 1.8 left, but sadly I do not. I will only order original if/when a new iteration is released, but I do like the Huel shakers and I do use them for my cacao powder from time to time.


I think I liked the texture of 1.6 the best so far in the powders.


I’d love to get 1.9 Original as well.

Is there an updated ETA on this please?


Is there any update on 1.9 Original? =)

I will be visiting the US shortly, am hoping to pickup some more Soylent - would be great if we had some ETA on 1.9 Original!


In the works still, along with some other powder changes.


It’s hard for me to imagine ever buying much more Original powder. I still have some left, but I am throwing it out slowly. I will try any new variants just to give them a chance, though.


@Conor - OK thanks, will keep an eye on things.

Do you think it’s likely this will happen in 2018?

Also - regarding those powder changes, would love to know if there’s a low-fat version in the works =), but one can dream, haha.