Expectation on 1.9 Original Powder?


Just wondering if the nutritional changes made in Cacao will be brought over to the Original flavor soon?


There will be a 1.9 original, right? I’d hate to think that Soylent is switching over only to flavored versions.


Yes, it’s coming very soon.


soylent 1.9 nectar or riot


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What’s the reasoning behind the increase in saturated fat in 1.9? The boyfriend’s doctor suggested less saturated fat for cholesterol purposes and drinking Soylent twice a day with pretty much whatever we want for dinner was working pretty well for us. Increasing the saturated fat for the first two meals of the day lessens the amount we can have for solid food meals, so I’m not sure how I feel about original changing to version 1.9.


Well 1.9 is currently only Cacao flavored, which contains cocoa powder, which contains saturated fat. So part of the difference may simply be due to the flavor? It’s actually possible that all of the additional saturated fat is from cocoa powder. 12.5 g of cocoa powder would contain 1 g of saturated fat. That would make 1.9 Cacao approximately 14% cocoa powder, which sounds high to me, but possible.