Expected delivery date


Placed my order in June, random 4-6 weeks delay e-mails. Still wIting for a delivery date. obviously I’m not the only one but reading some of the entries people that ordered after me have received shipments. UPDATE



I’d like to know my order status as well…its week 8 (since the delay email which told me 6-8 weeks)

~21 weeks since I subscribed


@James3 Thanks for letting us know about your order. It’s scheduled to ship in 2-3 business days – you’ll receive an email with tracking number shortly after it ships.

@locness Your subscription is scheduled to ship within 2 weeks. That’s the current timeline for July subscription orders. We’ll definitely be announcing the transition to July orders for both one-time and subscriptions. We’re doing everything we can to ship Soylent ASAP – we’ve been saying this for a while and it’s still true. Different obstacles have disrupted our timelines, which is definitely frustrating and far from ideal, but we’re committed to ramping up production to the limits.


Ok, I received an original order and then subscribed, and yesterday I received the first subscription order. Does that mean that in approximately one month I will receive the next order automatically, and of course payment will automatically be deducted for it?


That is exactly correct, including the approximate part of that.