Expensive urine? Vitamins and Minerals


Hi there,

Since I’m creating my perfect formula (on the paper), I’m facing a huge doubts regarding the vitamins and minerals absorption and even more regarding its possible deficit or OD.

Q1: is using the mineral and vitamin supplements efficient? won’t they just mainly dissolve and get out of the body? In that case there is a huge risk of vitamin deficit in the long run…

Q2: if the body uses only a part of vitamins and minerals, is increasing of its amount going to help?

Also OD is in my opinion possible too since many of these minerals and vitamins are already contained in oats, protein supplements, etc. In some cases you just cannot see the complete nutrition facts when browsing online vendors (outside U.S.)

Q3: anyone have some tips how to prevent this?

Q4: is there any difference in ability of absorbing vit&min from the main supplements and from the “only-vitamin or mineral” supplements? Does using more fiber help?

thanks for any tips


Only thing I’m going to add is a what nutritionist wrote once addressing this exact topic of “expensive urine”.

“Cocaine and anabolic steroids leave the body through urine. You don’t think they do anything on the way through?”


http://diy.soylent.me is a good place to start. People have hunted down specific nutrition profiles of an amazing amount of stuff.

Supplement absorption, presumably the manufacturer would have taken that into account. Putting all of it into your soylent means you would get all of it in you, of course, but some of them may fight each other. Your body will take what it needs, use it and toss it overboard when it’s done with it.

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If you eat a normal, healthy balanced diet taking vitamins on top of that is basically creating “expensive urine” which is the situation where the reference comes from.

But food fortification is a normal part of modern society and it uses these added vitamins to prevent disease. It’s something no one really thinks about because it’s just a normal part of life today, but we prevent a hell of a lot of diseases because a lot of our food has had vitamins and minerals added to it during processing. Diseases like pellagra, goiter, rickets are pretty much gone because of added vitamins and minerals but people don’t realize it because they have no experience with those problems.

With Soylent the base macronutrients provide some things, but the added vitamins/minerals are needed to give us our RDIs. The added stuff accounts for what’s already in the base items so you’re not going to OD on anything.


In case this is in any way a useful data point, since going on Soylent for around 80% to 90% of my food, my urine is almost perfectly transparent. And I drink very very little other than the Soylent.


They work about as well as advertised. The human body can break down and use everything in the supplements within reason. Sadly, most of the people who take supplements eat normally and as such, often don’t need whats in the supplement.

Your body has mechanisms that help control intake and release of vitamins and minerals. If you don’t need a mineral as much, your body won’t make as much of an effort to obtain it, and as @mark1 and @Jungroth said, creates expensive urine. As such, increasing past the RDI wouldn’t help unless you have a medical condition that inhibits intake.

If your looking at a supplement or grain, @starchasertyger links Soylents DIY site which is as complete as people make it. In some cases the government has a list of included nutrients in many common foods, and sometimes the maker of products will have a complete breakdown on their web site.
While over dosing (OD) is possible, it is uncommon if you don’t exceed the RDI. Most vitamins and minerals are nearly impossible to OD on (ex: vitamin C), while others are easier (I don’t know which is the easiest to OD on). Your body is pretty good at preventing vitamin and mineral OD. So trust in your body, if you start to feel funny, stop and see a doctor, or get some periodic blood work to make sure.

As far as I am aware, the source doesn’t matter as much, the stomach is pretty good at getting at what it needs. Fiber is more for satiety and intestinal bacterial health. Although it may improve absorption of some minerals as bacterial health improves, though I haven’t seen any studies done on that yet.


Iron and Manganese are two that can have disastrous effects if you OD on them.