Experience making DIY

I have never had to tried anyones DIY, is it hard and is it hard to get all of the ingredients?

Most people source their ingredients from websites that are available in their country like Amazon for people in the US. The DIY site also groups recipes by country so finding one who’s ingredients are easy to get in your country should be doable.



Amazon is great for smaller items that you can’t find locally. For example Potassium is can be ordered through Amazon since you don’t need that much of it. Getting heavier items is much cheaper locally. For example Maseca Masa is currently $11.02 for 4.84 lbs. You can easily find it at Wallmart and other stores for under $3.


I find it to be fairly easy, just be careful to weigh out your ingredients to stay safe.

Finding a recipe you like is the most important piece to actually doing it, thankfully there are about a bazillion on the DIY site now. Pick something that looks good and buy small quantities of the ingredients to start so you’re not stuck throwing out stuff a couple years from now that got shoved into the back of a cabinet when you realized you couldn’t stay on a particular recipe.

I’ve got notes attached to my recipes if you’re interested in how the process went for me, along with some tips on DIY.

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