Experience mixing multi-day batches


I’ve been using my 1500 calorie DIY soylent recipe based on BigEpidemic’s Human Enhancement Serum: http://www.makesoylent.com/recipes/iifym-1500-calorie-soylent-w-pb

I wanted something I could mix completely (or mostly) a few days in advance and have come to the following routine:

I mix 2-3 days of soylent at a time and divide the resulting mix into 1/2 day portions (about 170g per portion).

I start by mixing the hempseed oil, olive oil and creamy peanut butter and get the PB to completely dissolve in the other oils - so I get a completely homogenous mix.

I then add the powders to the mixture and use a whisk to mix into a crumble-like, fairly homogenous mix.

I then weigh out the 1/2 portions and put them into zip lock freezer bags.

I leave out the magnesium pills, the multivitamin and the choline pill and take them separately each day (so that it doesn’t spoil the taste of the mix and also so that if I don’t consume all of the soylent one day I’m still getting the appropriate vitamins, etc.)

Each day, I put the 1/2 day portion into a blender bottle, and if home, use a Cuisinart Immersion Blender to mix in enough water to make it a reasonable consistency (I don’t like it too thick). I then store it in the fridge until I want to drink (typically sipping it over multiple hours vs. drinking it all as a ‘meal’).

Seems to work pretty well overall. What do other people do in setting up a routine? How do you keep track of what you need to re-order?


One other thing I’m going to do is try different flavorings - thinking that the Starbucks Via instant coffee might be a good addition (coffee & PB go together well)… But the flavor of the mixture by itself isn’t bad (especially cold)


So far I mix a week of oils into a shake bottle and keep it in the freezer, and a week of the dry matter into a large airtight bag which goes in the fridge. Once my recipe is concrete I will buy appropriately sized day-containers for solids and liquids, or maybe mix a day in advance and freeze until the night before I want it.

I’m currently testing a few (coffee, butterscotch, banana, coconut) from this flavouring range, but I’ve got to say they aren’t as strong as I’d hoped. Not as potent as vanilla essence, for example, nor as cheap.


I don’t like making multiple days at a time. It takes maybe 5 minutes total to throw everything into my blender and blend it all up.


The pills are straight forward because I put the bottles away as I put them back. what I do is mix all the powders (oat / malto / pea /whey / potassium / calcium etc) beforehand in ten seperate tupperwares.

Then I just need to add the magneisum and oils and blenderize it and pop a few pills.