Experience with NOW maltodextrin, alternatives?


For those of you who have tried it, do you like the NOW carbo gain maltodextrin? Does anyone have a brand that they recommend?

I thought maltodextrin was supposed to just taste sweet and would even help mask some of the yuckier ingredients, but mine just tastes and smells funny to me, and in my very early “core ingredients” mix, it’s the malto that I’m trying to mask right now with 32 grams of natural peanut butter and two teaspoons of vanillin, and yet I can still taste it clearly. Of course, it could just be that I had misconceptions about malto and that’s just the way it is. I have no frame of reference.

It’s the first maltodextrin powder that comes up on amazon, so I’m willing to bet a lot of people here have tried it. Anyone find they did better by switching brands?


Maltodextrin is closer to starch than to sugar.
It would not really taste sweet. If you mix Maltodextrin with water only, it would indeed have a funny taste and smell.
You need SOME kind of flavouring in your Soylent to mask it and some other bad flavours, from your Multivitamin for example (I heard the “alive” stuff that everyone is using for some unexplainable reason tastes quite bad).

Cocoa seems to work well.
The EASIEST way to put a dominant flavour into your Soylent seems to be to use a flavoured whey protein. If you don’t want a flavour that strong you can adjust by using only part of your whey flavoured; unflavoured whey is cheaper too.
I use one third chocolate flavoured whey and 2 thirds unflavoured whey - http://soylentben.wordpress.com/the-formula/


Yeah, getting unflavored everything no longer seems like it was a good plan for me. Using part flavored and part unflavored whey sounds like a good idea. That will keep me from wasting the expensive tub of unflavored that I already have. I might try cocoa as well.


Forgot to add something about NOW Maltodextrin specifically!

…it’s expensive.
There can be some differences on how fine a powder you get and how pure it is, but generally speaking, Maltodextrin is Maltodextrin, and brand names don’t help you at all.