Experiences switching from 100% Soylent to regular food?


So, I’ve been on Soylent exclusively for about two weeks. Last night, my SO and I treated ourselves to steaks and wine at a local restaurant. This morning I awoke feeling as if I had been pummeled in my sleep. Anyone have similar experiences with making a similar switch? I am back on Soylent today, but feeling like I have a hangover. O_o


I hope I don’t have that issue. I’ve been on Solyent 1.3 for a couple of months (and 1.2 before that) and have a destination marathon this coming weekend. So, I’ll be eating regular food for the couple of days I am out of town both before, and day of, the marathon.


Wouldn’t surprise me much. The general consensus is that if you’re 100% Soylent, your stomach will shrink a bit since it no longer has to stretch to accommodate all that solid food. So if you then went out and had a big meal… yeah I can totally see that you’d feel bloated and not great following. After Soylent (we’ve never been more than about 80% average) I found that every time we go out to eat, I end up taking home half of it because I just really can’t eat that much in a sitting. Yesterday in fact we were going out for the day immediately after eating out, so I made sure I was nearly starving when we got to the restaurant so I wouldn’t have leftovers. It was still a bit challenging to eat everything (and my meals are tiny by most people’s standards).


I don’t think this is what she’s talking about, she means it’s like an actual dependency on the Soylent – withdrawal symptoms, essentially.

THAT wouldn’t surprise me, as if your body is used to a certain amount or form of nutrition, dropping it could definitely act as a shock to the system. However, I do think that is an odd experience to have after only one meal.


I have similar symptoms when I eat muggle food. I can tell a bug difference in my energy levels and general well being


Which marathon? I’m doing the Moab Canyonlands half next weekend and I plan on taking either 1.4 or Schmilk with me to SLC… It’s a late start (10am!) as well so I may have some morning of… Although during and just prior it’s basically just gatorade and maybe some Gu chomps. I took a glass of 1.4 just 10 minutes before going on a 13 mile run yesterday and that was probably pushing it. I normally don’t eat anything within a few hours of a run but I think I could get away with a bit of 1.4 or Schmilk 1.5-2.5hrs prior.

Feel sorry for those guys out in the heat in L.A. this morning… ugh.


confused - Where do you get that? All I read is that she had a big conventional meal unlike anything she’s had in 2 weeks, and now feels like crap the next day. To me that sounds like pretty standard “Ugh I ate too much last night…” stuff. I don’t see how that could possibly be “withdrawl symptoms” from just a single event like that. But the feeling of having overeaten? Oh heck yes.


I’m doing my third Shamrock in Virginia Beach. I won’t be taking any Solyent with me, but will be hitting the carbohydrates hard. 1.3 will be my last Solyent. I don’t like their 40% calories-from-fat macro nutrient mix in 1.4, and am looking for a low fat replacement. Looking for a 60/10/30 (carbs/fat/protein) mix. 1.3 was OK because I could replace the oil with a tablespoon of ground flax seed.

I have four more marathons scheduled for this year (Lake Wobegon, Deadwood, Chicago, Silver Comet (Atlanta) and it looks like I’ll be doing 5 again next year (Shamrock, Boston, Lake Wobegon, Chicago, Silver Comet.)


Feeling like she has a hangover and was “pummeled in [her] sleep” does not sound like “whoa I’m bloated” to me.


Hmmm I guess having no idea what a hangover feels like, I can’t really judge. Still sounds like overeating to me but who knows…


[quote=“Niff314, post:1, topic:19964, full:true”] Last night, my SO and I treated ourselves to steaks and wine at a local restaurant… This morning I awoke feeling like I have a hangover.

All the replies are skirting around the obvious. They are experiencing a meat hangover.


There ya go… that’s basically what I was getting at, but since I’ve never eaten meat I didn’t know it was connected specifically to that.


I would give up meat, but…it’s just so tasty. Le sigh. Maybe I’ll make it my “once-in-a-while” off-Soylent treat.
Interestingly enough, Soylent has completely rid me of my sweet tooth. But I still crave a good steak every once in a while.


It totally changed my sweet tooth too, from a must-satisfy-or-else to take-it-or-leave-it.

Also, my other half still has specific meat cravings from time to time, which at least for her coincide with certain other monthly hormonal issues. Don’t know if that’s in any way related for you but, it sure is for her.


When I was in my thirties, I started dropping meat from my diet. But I would also occasionally get a red meat protein craving. I gave into it. I think it could be partly a monthly thing of iron and types of protein that aren’t in the other stuff. I gave into it without worrying about keeping my dietary purity. It was a rare urge.



I was eating 90-95% Soylent for months, when I went to visit family for Christmas and didn’t take any with me. Two weeks of conventional food, no problem. Ate mostly Soylent for another month, left town again for a week and ate nothing but conventional food. No problem.

Of course, I’m not a drinker, so that didn’t come into play. (On the second trip I had two cocktails, which is at least 25% of my annual consumption of same.)


I wonder if it could just be caloric intake. Soylent meals are usually going to be about 700cal. at most. But a big dinner out could easily be twice that.