Experiences with Queal anyone?


Hey guys,
I live in Europe and I was looking for an alternative because of the shipping, Queal looks good, did anyone try it yet?

What's your opinion about Queal?

I did yes, I have the tasters/trial package right now (15 meals) It’s alright :slight_smile: they are very quick to deliver, 2 days for me. Compared to Soylent, it has a more watery aftertaste, and the taste itself isn’t “that” strong :slight_smile: but they are okay. Personally looking forward to when my Joylent arrives to try that.


I’m on Queal right now, for 2 weeks already.

After trying the Trial package, I ordered the Fat Loss version, for 90 meals. I usually have it twice a day (breakfast/lunch). No problem to report. I’m sometimes feeling a bit tired, but that’s probably because it’s the fat loss version and I’m also doing exercises 3-4 times a week. I lost 2 kg in 2 weeks.

The tastes are nice. I wish there was some more tastes (vanilla, banana for instance) to have more variety. Preparing Queal is easy.


Hey, Onno from Queal here!

We just started a voting competition, to decide our new flavour.
Both Vanilla and Banana are options, so you’re in luck!

You can vote HERE


Great, thanks.

You even used Banana Mania, a name I sent you in an email some days ago.


Ah! That was you? I remember that!
I hope it’s OK that we stole that idea? :wink:


Of course! I’m eager to try it out, if it’s amongst the chosen options.
“Crunchy Choco Cookie” could be nice too. Not sure about the “Popcorn one”, but to each his own.

Funny how some of the existing tastes are, for me, much better depending on the time of the day.
For example, the “Awesome Apple Pie” taste is clearly better suited for breakfast, while the “Chocolate Peanut” is for the evening. I prefer usually “Forest Fruit” (my least preferred) and “Strawberry” for diner. “Cool Chocolate” is good for any time.


I’ve been doing Queal for 2 weeks and I’m on the fence. On one hand, the convenience is great. On the other hand, I fill half the shaker with powder (more than the recommended 1/3 of the bag) and after 2 hours I’m hungry.

Has anyone been through this?


yeah, Queal didn’t do it for me either sadly. Joylent was a Joy in comparison.


Can you describe your experience?


I’m on Queal since end of January. I have usually 2 times Queal a day (breakfast and lunch), and regular supper. Sometimes, when more convenient, I take it 3 times a day.

I use the weight loss version, rated at 1800 kcal. It helped reduce my weight, slowly but surely. I’m sometimes hungry. When it happens, I either eat an apple or some almonds (max 20 a day). Or most of the times I drink more water. I’m drinking about 3l of water a day, 700ml being brought by Queal, the rest by pure water, sparkling water (my soda replacement) or coffee.

I’m very satisfied with Queal. I like the fact they offer several variants (regular, weight loss, weight gain, Active) and the different flavors are great too (it’s a matter of taste of course). I’ve exchanged several emails with the Queal people and they’ve always replied nicely to my questions and remarks.


Not sure I’m convinced. It’s hard to measure “1/3 of the bag” and I always end up hungry. Plus, I’m not sure I’m not experiencing something similar to keto flu.


Sorry, I meant that to you. Why did you quit Queal?


Well off the top of my head, three reasons.
1: preference: I had ordered 5 days worth of different flavors from Queal, and Joylent at the same time. Queal arrived the same week, while Joylent arrived almost 2-3 weeks later. I then tried both, which flavor, texture, packageing, and lack of needing to add oil from a single small oil bottle, left Joylent as the clear winner.
2: fullness feeling: Queal didn’t feel as filling as Joylent, I would feel much more hungry on Queal compared to Joylent. Not that Joylent is 100% perfect in this regard (neither was my experience with 1.0) But Joylent came out the winner compared to Queal.
3: How I felt: my days on Queal I didn’t feel too well, even if this may just have been adjustment period like I had with Soylent 1.0 where I felt literally sick and had a bad headache. This went away slowly over 2 days, and when I got around to trying Joylent I felt completely fine again. (Like I said, this might have been just as bad if I had started on Joylent first).

To me, Queal tasted much more like oatmeal and water with a hint of whatever flavor was suppose to be in it… Joylent taste wise Joylent didn’t taste as much of thin oatmeal water. But I only really liked the vanilla flavor.


I’m still on the fence with Queal. Finishing my month’s worth and then seeing what’s what.


I have the weight loss Queal so 1 bag is 455 gr. So I weight a third of that (151-152 gr) using a scale for 1 meal, mixed with +/- 370ml of water.


I may have received the weight loss Queal then. I weighed a bag and it was 500 grams.


The weight loss Queal bag is 455 gr, not 500. And it’s clearly written “weight loss” on the front label.