Experiencing gas? Try this


For Soylent users who are experiencing gas, could you help test some possible solutions?

One is Beano. This gas-preventing enzyme is going out of patent at the end of the year, so if it works on Soylent, it would be easy to add. A casual first-time buyer wouldn’t even have to think about it, since the gas-preventing enzyme would be fixing the problem from the start.

Another solution is simply to soak Soylent overnight. There’s some speculation that the gas may be due to the oats, and an old solution to oats causing gas is to soak the oats overnight. Some sources say to soak oats in the refrigerator, others say at room temperature so that the enzymes develop. Another advantage to soaking Soylent is that it supposedly results in a smoother texture. But I’m not sure if ordinary consumers will always want to soak every glass for hours.

Anyway, if one of these methods works, we can solve what might be the biggest complaint people have been registering. I hope one of these solutions works for you!


I just found one comment that says Beano helped them.

Edit: And here’s one that says switching the official oil for coconut oil solved the issue for them, but another says switching the oil didn’t change anything for them.

Edit: This user says they take a rather expensive probiotic supplement and don’t have gas, but they didn’t have a comparison period where the took Soylent without the supplement. Still, it would be interesting to know if probiotics could solve the problem.


I used to take 2 Beano pills with each Soylent serving along with a good probotic pill, It reduced the gas by about 50%. I would get bloated about an hour or so after consuming Soylent, taking these pills pushed the symptoms back by about 3 hours.


I’m on my 8th day of 100% Soylent. Oddly enough, I’ve experienced a drastic reduction in the amount of gas I usually have.

I have always been soaking my Soylent overnight, and I assumed most people have. Today is my first batch that I’ve made in the morning and plan to consume throughout the day.

But seriously, I can’t stress enough how much my gas has decreased. It’s probably 10% or less than what it was pre-Soylent.


So, has anyone else had any luck with soaking?


We usually have our Soylent soaking at least several hours if not overnight before we consume it. I don’t really know how to compare any differences in gas since we never just consume immediately after mixing; I’m always mixing it up fairly well in advance.

I will say that I’ve never noticed any bloating or discomfort whatsoever with Soylent. My gal did a few times when she drank a large amount (~12oz) very quickly (under a minute?) but never at any other time.


My wife and I have been on Soylent for 2+ weeks now. We have been eating yogurt in conjunction with the soylent ever since the bad gas erupted but I think time fixed everything. I took a weekend off soylent (just had social things to do every day) and jumped back on today… The gas is back. I don’t think beano helped that much. I really think the most helpful was eating yogurt and I would mix a salad in here/there.


Why would one want to prevent gas with a third party soluble? It’s like painting rust over with new paint – it does not fix the problem, only hides it. I’d say the first thing to do would be to wait, let your body adjust to the new diet. If that does not help – try finding out what’s causing the gas.

For example, I’ve been farting like crazy while there was milk in my diet. Everyone knows adult humans should technically not tolerate lactose – lactose-tolerance is a mutation. Many people keep on farting and consuming milk products, without realizing the milk is the issue.

Just sayin’ :wink:


I tried Beano yesterday. The label said take 2-3 pills right before your meal, so I took two and washed them down with Soylent. Still pretty gassy throughout the day. I don’t think the Beano did anything. Will try three pills today (after I get some sleep!).


Beano only helps with complex carbs. If it’s the protein that’s causing the problem, Beano won’t help. Has anyone tried other enzyme products like Source Naturals Daily Essential Enzymes?


So it looks like the answer is soaking, not Beano. Could those who are experiencing gas try soaking, then?


Soaking does not prevent Soylent from giving me gas, I’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet! I’m a mutant! Can I join the X-Men now??? What’s my superpower??


After way more reading about this than I’d like, it looks like what causes gas from oats is phytic acid, which the body doesn’t really absorb (not only does this cause gas, but apparently it also causes less absorption of some nutrients). And the soaking method that reduces phytic acid best is to soak the oats in warm water overnight, not in the fridge. Now, I don’t know for sure if the oat flour is the cause of the gas. But if it is, this may be the best way to try to reduce it.


Since it’s been a couple months since the official release, why hasn’t the Soylent team came up with any solutions to the gas? I have tried beeno and a probiotic. Neither works perfectly.

Are there no solutions?


Have you tried either taking Soylent in smaller batches or diluting it more?


No bloating or discomfort here either – but the gas? Oh yes, I drop stink bombs left and right.


I’ve gotten relief from taking a digestive enzyme with it. I’m assuming it helps me absorb the carbs better, but I’m no scientist - I just know I’m not gassy anymore.


Care to share which enzyme you are taking?


Nothing fancy. GNC branded “Super Digestive Enzymes”. I think it was $20 for a bottle of 100. I was taking two at the start of drinking my breakfast or lunch.