Experiment Design Feedback


Hello again,
I’m making a proper experiment out of my new soylent. I want to compare it to a food diet with the same nutritional goals. I wrote up the detail of the experiment here: Experiment Design . If you think there’s any data I should get that I haven’t thought of, come up with any other potential issues with the data or just think it’s a dumb idea and not going to work, the feedback’s all appreciated!


Looks like a good baseline starter to me. Keep us posted.


Looks like a good plan, too bad it’s not a controlled, randomized, double blind experiment but that is to be expected with food.

The only real feedback i have is that experiments are intended to test a prediction.
I would add a that the prediction to your experiment, For example: “I predict there will be no difference in the tests results for soylent and food with 90% certainty”

May is suggest you read the following webpage, this guy has been doing high quality self experiments for years: http://www.gwern.net/Zeo