Experimenting by swapping Soylent 1.4 pouches?


Some of you may know that I’ve tried Soylent 1.4 and went on a small rampage on the forums about how horrible it was (it was! … sorry I’ll stop now).

And yet I see many posts of people actually liking the stuff. I get that our taste buds are different and all that, but their descriptions of the taste is completely different from my experience, and I can’t imagine anyone liking what I was tasting.

I know we’ve been discussing about the possible differences between the batches (L and C and so forth), but there are still experiential differences even within the same batches.

I’m thinking, maybe we could prove the differences once and for all by arranging some pouch swaps? Like, I send you a pouch of Soylent 1.4 and you send me yours (if you like it, of course). Then we taste them and post our experiences in this thread?

FWIW, if anyone wants to swap with me (I’m in the ‘don’t like it’ camp, so you need to like your Soylent 1.4 for this experiment to work) I’m in New York.


Obviously none of us can describe the taste of an unopened bag of Soylent, so you must mean swap opened bags.

Rosa Labs must have already conducted similar tests. Maybe we could ask for the results of such tests.


No, I meant closed pouches. I’ve tried two pouches from my box, and they taste the same, so I think it’s a safe assumption that all the pouches in the box will taste the same.


If your assumption is correct, then shouldn’t we be hearing complaints from people who swapped 1.3 for 1.4 already? The people who got 1.4 should be saying yuck this tastes terrible just as the people did who had 1.4 and swapped it away. Yet I haven’t seen even one complaint from people who swapped for 1.4. In other words, the swapping you are advocating has already taken place to a certain extent, with no indication so far that the tainted and suspected 1.4 tastes bad to the new recipients. I’m not opposing your experiment, but I’m saying there are indications that we already know the results.


Plus all the people who have received different boxes of 1.4 without noticing any differences. I didn’t post about it on the forum before because, well, I guess I didn’t expect it to be any different.


I think you may be misunderstanding. I’m talking a swap of 1.4 for 1.4, not 1.3 for 1.4. And I’m saying the pouches in a single box should all taste the same, but pouches from different boxes may not.

If people who like it swap their 1.4 with mine, and they taste my pouch and still like it, then that proves that it’s simply differing taste buds, not actual different taste. If it’s the contrary… then we know for a fact – not speculate – that Rosa Labs has a problem.


If you hated 1.4 and send it to someone and they like it, it doesn’t matter if you are trading them 1.4 or 1.3 or volkswagens; it is still established that your taste and theirs differ.

Surely some of the rejected 1.4 that was traded was from the same box as the “nasty” 1.4, yet we haven’t heard virulent complaints, which leads me to believe that the trade recipients of the “nasty” 1.4 don’t regard it as nasty.


I’ve had mostly boxes of L batches, and one box of C batch. The L, to me, tasted much better.


Am I correct in assuming that the C batches are being sent from Lancaster, PA? This will be the second shipment from my subscription. The first was sent from Bloomington, CA and was an L batch.

I’m located in Los Angeles, so I’m not sure why the closer location wasn’t chosen, but I suspect it’s due to stock issues and/or the shipping “in limbo” issue that I initially ran into.


Just checked, mine is indeed a C batch, and it was shipped from Lancaster.


Can confirm that my shipment from Lancaster, PA is a C-batch. Right off the bat, the shelf life is rated at 13-months shorter than the L batches I have (3/2016 vs 4/2017). Already made my meals for tomorrow and I’m out of town for the weekend, so I will give it a taste on Monday to see if there’s any discernible difference.


I have received an L batch from Lancaster, PA.


Just for clarity, Conor did update us that they had lowered the shelf life on all batches produced now from 2 years down to one year, just to be conservative with it.

So, moving forward, all will have one year shelf lives. (Any lettered batch.)


Ric: Thanks for the data point.

Inquirerer: Ah, I see. I recall reading a post regarding the decreased shelf life dating, but wasn’t sure if it was limited to a specific production facility or across the board.


Well, that was my understanding of it, anyway, but it is always possible that I misread it.

Here is what he said: