Expired Soylent 1.4 still tastes fine

Just consumed my oldest bag of Soylent, stored at room temp.

(I post because there used to be many questions about how well Soylent will keep. This is from the first oil-in-the bag formula, 1.4. Current version as of this posting is 1.8.)


Its expiration date appears to be Feb 2017. Current expiration dates are about a year after purchase, if you are lucky. Do you think the printed expiration date has any validity?

Ah, good ole 1.4…
I just bought some expired 1.5 from someone on discourse (I guess they changed from 2yrs to 1yr with 1.5).
Anyway… it tasted like crap!!! I was a bit annoyed and not sure if that’s the real taste and I had just forgotten or if something was wrong. Can powdered oil go rancid? But then I remembered back in the day I had a bad batch of 1.5 and had to use extra stevia to choke it down… I still had the stevia so I used it on this stuff as well. Anyway just today moved to a different lot (also expired 4/16)… and it tasted fine! phew…

That really should be a “best by” date and not an expiration date. The Soylent doesn’t become inedible after that date it’s just not as good or as good for you after the date printed on the bag.


They have to guarantee that the nutritional info is correct through the expiration date, but some vitamins break down over time quicker than others (putting in more vitamins than listed can help guarantee that there will still be enough after a year or two - another option is to not list a vitamin; then it doesn’t matter if there’s very little when you open a container years later.)

Companies can also list a “best by” date, but that’s more about flavor.

Like @horsfield says, neither date means it will go bad by that date… It may last much longer, or may go bad sooner (unlikely.)

Any oil or fats can go rancid, some tend to go quicker than others. It also happens quicker when there’s oxygen… There are three ways oil breaks down to become rancid: water, oxygen, or microbes… And microbes do best when there’s water and oxygen. A powder necessarily has air mixed in, unless they vacuum-pack or displace the air with nitrogen.

So, some of it is how it’s packed… Some is how sterile it is, going in… Some is the storage conditions… And there’s kinda the luck of the draw.


We’re still mostly on 1.3 (have added coffiest and cacao recently) and it’s all fine, algal oils too. Have probably 6 months to a year’s worth left at current consumption rates too so it better not spoil :wink:


Wow @vanclute, I was wondering how you were holding up on the supply side. That’s a lot. Have you tried 1.8 or do you plan to do so? If nothing else, it brings back some of that tasty, tasty grit.

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