Expired Soylent causing nausea?

I’ve been eating Soylent 30-50% of the time for about a year now. I had a subscription, and for a long time every box I got expired on the same date, I.E. I was getting soylent from the same batch for most of the time I had my subscription. Well, that expiration date has come and gone, and I’ve kept eating it. Before it passed, I read some forum posts, and most users seemed to agree that the expiration date marked a point after which the general quality or nutritional content began to degrade, but everyone seemed to agree that if it’s stored properly, Soylent will not “rot” or “spoil” per se. When I drink this expired soylent, it tastes fine. Its taste and texture are indistinguishable from fresh soylent. But over the past two days, I’ve noticed bouts of mild nausea following each serving of soylent I’ve had. Has anyone else had experiences with expired soylent? Does anyone know any chemical reason why I might experience this, if there are no microorganisms present? Could creepy crawlies even get into sealed, properly stored soylent?

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Is there more air in the bags than normal?

Have you compleatly dissasembled your pitcher and cleaned and disinfected all the parts? Have you done the same with your glass?

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Usually the bags are vacuumed so tight I can’t open them without spilling some powder. Every now and then I’ll get one with some air in it, but I’ve never had a puffy, or obviously inflated one.
I completely disassemble my pitcher after every use. I thoroughly rinse it by hand, and run it through the dish washer every time. I rinse my cup after every use, and run it through the dish washer every few days.
The only unorthodox thing I do is eat prepared soylent on day 3. I usually finish a batch in 2 days, as recommended, but maybe once a week it will take me 3 days to go through a whole pitcher. I’ve been doing this as long as I’ve been using Soylent, with no I’ll effects. I notice the flavor is a little stronger on day 2, and even stronger on day 3 but it never tastes bad, and its always pretty neutral.

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A few people still eat early versions like 1.3 with no ill effect.

What’s your water source? Did that change?
Is your refrigerator working properly? It’s usually pretty easy to smell/taste bad Soylent.

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When you open the pitcher on the third day do you hear a hiss?

Might suggest getting a fridge thermometer. You can probably find one in the kitchen utensils section of your local grocery store.

I can’t see this being the problem. I eat Soylent only for breakfast, so a prepared bag lasts 4 days. Never had any problems. (That said, I prepare my 4 days in 4 separate blender bottles, so somewhat less interim interference than using a pitcher.)

I occasionally get nausea when I eat too much Soylent in one sitting, or if I have it too soon after drinking my morning coffee. Maybe there is something you’re eating during the day that is combining with the Soylent to make you feel the nausea?

I frequently get a sickly feeling if I drink too quickly the Soylent from the fridge. I have 500ml “meals” and my fridge is set to 6C. It took a few days of this sickly feeling before I considered the volume of cold I was ingesting relatively quickly. That’s my story, cured by smaller sips over 10 minutes-ish.