Explosive diarrhea after only 1-2 bottles of soylent


I’m trying the soylent 2.0 drink for the first time, 1 bottle a day for breakfast. I also gave one to my cousin. Later that day we both had explosive diarrhea. Neither of us are allergic to any of the ingredients as far as we know. I would understand a major change to the diet might have this effect, but since he’s only had 1 and I’m only having it once a day this doesn’t really make sense. I think I will try for another day or two but if it isn’t remedied by then I may have to give up.


It’s more likely that two family members share a virus co-incident with starting a new food than this new food which is known for being easy to digest causes a rare case of diarrhea twice.


Pics or it didn’t happen.

Seriously, I work with a guy who had the same thing happen. But he has a mild case of… I can’t remember right now, honestly, but he chalked it up to that. (was something like Crohn’s IIRC) He wanted to try Soylent so I gave him some; he liked it other than the quick exit. No go for him, haha.


I did have some issues the first with with explosive diarrhea, that cleared up after 7 days. I have been using Soylent to make better eating decisions and eating habits.

I eat 500 calories two times a day for breakfast and lunch, then I eat a sensible dinner - landing at a total 1800 calories per day. I do add 12 grams of psyllium husk to 2 liters of Soylent.


Did you drink it too fast? It should take around 10 mins to finish it all. If you just gulped it down, it’s basically like drinking a bottle of Iga Ninjas.


Colon Blow.


Yep, me too. Can’t drink it slow. It’s like chocolate milk or beer or something. Can’t just sip it. Open bottle > gone in 60 seconds.


^^ I cannot drink it slow either. Neither v1.5 or v2.0. The longest I can “sip” it is 4 minutes (v1.5) but 2.0 is gone in 60s.


I remember this the very first time I tried it, but I drank way too much in too short a period of time. Whenever we eat a new food, our intestinal bacteria will go to town on it - some strains will multiply rapidly, and others will be crowded out and die off. If this happens on a grand scale, it can cause diarrhea, headaches, immune system reduction, etc. It does not, in any way, mean the food was bad - it just means your microbiome was shocked because you ate too much, too fast, of a new thing. This is why vets tell pet owners to switch their pets to a new food slowly over a period of a week or two. It’s exactly the same thing.

The version I tried (1.3) didn’t work out for me, but I recently picked up 2.0 and it’s been working out great. I was smarter this time, and drank only one bottle a day. I’ve been on it for the past month, and have had 0 intestinal upset as a result. Planning to move up to 2 bottles a day in a week.

It’s always possible that some virus, or food poisoning from something else you ate, is actually responsible. And given that your issues started later the same day you drank the Soylent very much suggests the Soylent wasn’t responsible. The time frame between consuming it, and having an intestinal upset, was really too short.

My suggestion is to eat normal foods until the symptoms are gone, and then try the Soylent again - just one bottle, and consumed slowly.


Are you getting plenty of water?


Used 1.5 last summer for a while, and I went 100% day one. I only had a little more gas than normal, but my friends say I’ve got a stomach like a garbage disposal. It doesn’t discriminate. Maybe 2.0 isn’t the way to go, have you tried 1.5?


I started using soylent 100% a couple days ago and my body seems to be doing good. I have heard some other people having issues with diarrhea and gas if there body is not used to soy products. I have read somewhere on the forum that people going 100% should start with 1 Bottle Day 1/2, 3 Bottle Day 3/4, 5 Bottle Day 5+. However I took a little different approach.

When I first placed my order for soylent I starting by drinking just 1 cup of soy milk to see how my body would react. The next day I drank another 1 cup because sometime soy product allergies can take up to 3 days to appear. On the 3rd day I pushed my soy milk consumption up to 2 cups. My body did seem to generate a little more gas and my bowels were a little looser during this period, but no where close to diarrhea. Then my Soylent Arrived.

After pre-conditioning my body a little with the soy milk I just went 100% with soylent the first day. I forgot to eat breakfast so I had my first bottle at Noon with 1 simethicone capsule (180mg, Gas-X, Phazyme). Since you can only take 260mg of simethicon a day I took a second on with my 3rd bottle around 10:00pm. I only had 1200 calories this day total because I was trying to monitor my body to see if there was craving and the time each bottle last until I got hungry again. I really should have ate more this day. After each bottle I had to take a nap. My body is used to 2700 calorie intake daily for the past 5 years.

On the second day I was using the 1.5 powder. I originally planned on a 2000 calorie diet, but after the first day I think I can get by with just 1600 calories daily. Like the previous day I took 1 simethicone with the first meal, and 1 with the last meal. I am not sure if I need the simethicone, but better to be safe then sorry on the first few days while my body adjusts. I do still have a bit of gas, but still no diarrhea.

Today is my 3rd Day. I will try to reduce my simethicone to just 1 tablet. I will eat a real meal today because I want to maintain eating at least 1 solid meal every other day just to maintain chewing muscles, teeth, digestion, and any other health concerns that come up from a totally liquid diet.

Overall I am shooting for 1600 Calories a day (I absolutely hate to exercise right now). I am not using 1600 as a hard cap, I will let myself consume up to 400 calories more as needed. This needs include but are not limited to Hunger, Cravings, or days my activity rises (like going out shopping, special events, ect). Every other day when I eat a solid meal I will only consume 1200 Soylent which leaves me room for a 400-800 meal and snack buffer.

I did not mean for this post to be so long, but I think your diarrhea may be a temporary adjustment. I suggest you just try to use soy milk for a day or two like I did above. Then go ahead and try 1 bottle a day of the Soylent to see if the issue continues.