Exporting from the US - Fish Oil Export Restrictions


So I tried sending some Soylent to a forwarding service to ship internationally since I won’t be in the US for the full 3 months supply. I had some issues, I thought I’d post the information here in case anyone else is thinking of doing similar.

It was initially categorized as protein powder / supplements, but the fish oil is causing issues.

The mail I received after contacting support was as follows:

We have received an item that is restricted for export by the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

Supplement Powders: Not Chocolate(Fish Oil)

We would need the following information in order to determine if we can ship this item:
Genus and Species of the item.
Country of origin of the product.
Merchant Invoice for the item.
Link to the item online.

There is a $180 handling fee to prepare the declaration forms required by the USFWS on your behalf if the items are restricted by the USFWS. Please provide the needed information and confirm that you accept the $180 fee.

So that is a right hassle, and awfully expensive too. Each month supply arrived as a separate item so I am not sure if the fee would be 180$ or 540$ total. Anyway, for now I will have them split the shipping and source the fish oil locally and it should be okay.

If only I ordered the vegan blend, I could be happily sipping my soylent already. X)



Here’s what I’ve seen:


I re-shipped 8 weeks to the UK without a problem. Others have shipped to Canada.

My packages were even held by US Fish and Wildlife for a few hours, but continued their journey without issue, so I think you have been unlucky with this forwarding service.

Perhaps you should name them so that others can avoid?


Interesting - I suppose then that US Fish and Wildlife can figure out what it is without too much fuss, but maybe this service is being over cautious before sending.

The forwarding service is MyUS.com, so while they have been great so far I can’t recommend them for soylent shipping. I’m sure the ongoing deluge of soylent being shipped worldwide will make it get easier as time goes on. X)


Why not just remove the oil and purchase it locally?


Yeap, that’s what I asked them to do.


Yes, over cautious sounds right. Perhaps it helps that the ingredients list is printed on the side of every box.