Extra oil per bottle?


I’ve had this happen more than once.

I typically make my Soylent into half meals using the scoop since it’s easier for me to space it out during the day. The site say for a half scoop to use 1.5 tsp of oil which I have been doing and I usually measure it for the first 5 half-meals and then pour the rest of the oil into the last half meal. Recently I started to measure out the oil for the last meal as well and it turns out I have a lot more than 1.5tsp left.

Has anyone else noticed this? Are the numbers on the site wrong?


At one point they changed their Soylent formula, but they had already ordered the 1/2 serving scoops. So 1/2 serving isn’t really 1/2 serving, which changed the scoop:oil ratio.


Interesting. I feel like I end up just barely having 6 half meals closer to 5.5 half meals.