Extremely watered down soylent


So I’m not really liking the flavor of Soylent v1.2 at all - and the idea of having to use a blender and additives is too much of a hassle to make it appealing, and really just defeats the purpose of Soylent for me - but as I was rinsing the last bit of Soylent out from the container and drinking the Soylent-water remainder, it occurred to me that I didn’t mind the flavor of this at all - Soylent’s flavor is so bland that the water didn’t taste different at all, just like I was drinking refreshing water.

Would this be a reasonable way to consume an entire day’s worth of Soylent? Would I not have to drink water independent of Soylent anymore if I did this? What, if any, are the possible downsides?


I would think that, as long as you consumed the appropriate amount of Soylent for your body’s needs, there wouldn’t likely be any downside. I suppose maybe be careful that you don’t actually drink TOO MUCH water. But otherwise… seems reasonable to me. I’m sure others can chime in with something more scientifickie. :wink:


I just use blender bottle. But then I only make one meal a day. Pretty easy!

You could use 3 blender bottles for 3 meals a day though? Dunno.


There was someone else on the forums who added more water to his mix and seemed to enjoy it. You could try progressively increasing the amount of water and see what happens. But as others said here, be careful not to drink an overly excessive amount of water.


So I tried today with incredibly watery Soylent, as well as a tiny bit of liquid Chai flavoring, and thought it was quite enjoyable. I was pretty much sipping on it throughout the day, and was completely fine until I hit the gym. About half way through my workout, I started feeling light headed, dizzy and slightly nauseous. I’m guessing it was lack of salt, exacerbated by the excessive water intake. I was imprecise with the water measurements, unfortunately, so I can’t say exactly how much I had. I’m not sure if I’m drinking too much, or not getting enough salt. I’d hope the latter, because this is definitely how I’d prefer using Soylent.

P.S. How much water is too much water? And can I balance more water with more salt?


You may also just plain not be getting enough basic nutrition for a sudden workout session. If you’re diluting Soylent to an extreme, then you’re getting a lot fewer calories/nutrients per ounce of liquid. And yeah, the salt could be a factor too for sure since it was when you hit the gym that the problem really hit.


Yeah, that’s also a possibility. I’ll be taking water measurements tomorrow and I’ll post how I feel. I’ll also be adding some salt. How much is necessary?


about 1/4 tsp for an entire pitcher is all you should need. Any more and the taste starts to go bad FAST.


Looking back on my last batch, I’d estimate I had about 18-20 cups (of 8 oz) of fluid total - quite a lot. Today I’m using a total of 10 cups of water + a tsp of salt. It tastes just fine, thankfully, and hopefully everything will go smoothly when I go to workout.


The entire pitcher…do you mean a day’s worth of pitcher?


That’s what I do. The pitcher a day method calls for a total of 60 oz liquid Soylent (based on a full 2 qt Takeya pitcher). A 24 oz blender bottle gives an additional 4 oz of water per meal and makes a world of difference IMO. At least for 1.0. Haven’t tried 1.1 and not yet renewed for 1.2.


Well “day’s worth” is relative to who we’re talking about. But if you’re mixing 1 bag of Soylent at a time, then the 1/4 tsp is for the full bag.


The only downside for me is that I get hungry more quickly when it is in a more diluted state.