Fake Address Confirmation Email?


Can anyone confirm or deny the authenticity of this email I received? The shipping address, and recipient (My name is not Wesley Gard) is completely incorrect, and the URL domain provided to click on (qualtrics.com) is not one that I recognize.

If it is real, I’d be a bit concerned how incorrect this information is when the contact info I provided online is correct in my soylent account.

If it’s fake, it’s a bit unnerving that someone knows I ordered Soylent and that I’m waiting on a shipment, and is trying to gain access into my account/info. Perhaps there was a data breach (being paranoid).

Image removed. Issue solved.


Tagging @soylent on this issue.

I got one just a short while ago as well. Mine too was addressed to someone that was not me and had a different address. I’ve sent n email to the soylent team and a PM here on the forum about this. Best case is that our orders are ready and they just messed up the emails somehow and it is a minor fix until our happiness arrives. Worse case is they screwed up the accounts…


I got the same email…only the zip code is correct :confused:


I went back to look at my email after you posted and lo and behold the Zip code listed is for my area and not the California address listed. How odd.


Yep… same here. Zip code correct, address wrong. Now I’m nervous.


I think this may be what you said. RL f-ing up the address in a hopefully “new” order tracking system. It sounds like it could be a data migration bug. Translating user info from one database to another without proper testing of the results on a non-prod server. Hopefully they haven’t tried to actually ship to these address.


It would be unfortunate if that were the case yes and it’s a scenario I can see happening because they feel the pressure to push out product and fulfill promises.

I would rather wait extra time for to back up the data, test the export and import, and then set up the new system. The alternative of having to wait because of a screw up is terrible. Especially since the screw up may have been fully preventable given proper procedure.


Did any of you click on the link in the email? I was scared to do so? If so, did it allow you to make corrections?


I did not because It was addressed to the wrong person. I emailed the soylent team to check first. I want their input on this.


I clicked on the link, but didn’t update the address since I didn’t want to complicate things further. Instead I sent a reply email. From all the replies here, I’m sure they will get this sorted out quickly.


I wouldn’t click it just in case. Lets see what if anything @soylent says about it.


I just got a fixed email from the team for my address confirmation. Turns out there was an issue in the system that has been reconciled. Pretty quick turn around on the response. Hopefully that’s a positive sign. Gotta stay positive right? Being negative only causes stress. Stress causes wrinkles. Wrinkles and Stern lectures from your Boss saying that drinking four and a half pots of coffee a day is not healthy and the team is concerned for your health.


was the reply email from an official soylent email address or the one you replied to with the wrong address?


Got correction email too. Thanks for everyone’s input on this. Issue closed.


I got this email this morning… name and address are both correct. Look forward to getting something soon after 1/28/15 (ordered 8/19/14)


Yeah, I got it too and the address was right. Weird that they were having issues with it. As @horsfield said, probably a data migration bug.