Falim Sugar-Free Chewing Gum! No sugar, No artificial sweeteners


Here is a sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free chewing gum:

This could be really good for keeping those chewing muscles working while adding no unwanted ingredients. Has anyone else seen any similar products?

Soylent is not for children

What are the ingredients? It looks like it has no sugar AND no sugar substitutes and no flavor. Might be interesting.


Come on, be our guinea pig, try it out!


I couldn’t find an ingredient list. I searched for a plain gum that would be a good chewing substitute for Soylenters, and this is what I’ve found so far. It looks like @kennufs may have the right idea, and I’ll just have to be the guinea pig on this one. Then again, aren’t we all? :smile:


@BriBy, did you ever get a chance to try this out?


I ordered a couple of packs. I should have it in a few days. I’ll be sure to give a “review” of it on this thread when I get it.


Well…it finally arrived. It is very interesting…yeah…that’s the word I’ll go with. It has absolutely no sweetness. It has a very light ginseng root flavor with just a hint of mint. It is a bit tougher than most American chewing gums, but that may be a good thing if you’re chewing it to give your teeth and jaw muscles a workout. All in all, I think I will chew a stick of Falim every day…since I paid for it and don’t want to waste my money. However, if you are able to tolerate regular sugar-free gum or don’t mind the sugar in regular chewing gum, I would suggest that as the cheaper, more enjoyable chewing experience. I give Falim 4 out of 5 stars for being exactly what it claims to be: a gum that’s about as plain as you can get.


I’ve also been chewing this. First few days, my jaws hurt like crazy. I realized my jaw muscles were getting stronger though and it became easier. This stuff lasts forever. I can usually chew it for 4-5 hours before it softens too much to be beneficial.

They also have a ‘fruit’ flavored version. It only has the slightest hint of Juicy Fruit, but it’s interesting. I enjoy it and plan to continue chewing it.


Thanks for the info. The flavored versions look good. Do you know if the flavored versions contain artificial sweeteners?


Looks like I’m going to order some. My major issues with chewing gum are that it is too soft and too sweet/strong flavors.

Thanks, BriBy!


You’re welcome. The info I found online said that the flavored Falim contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. I’ll be ordering those next.


Just got my package of the fruit-flavored Falim yesterday. Very subtle flavor, I think most folks would probably consider the gum to be unflavored. My wife and 2/3rds of my kids couldn’t taste the flavor at all. Lasts quite a while, I chewed a piece for a couple hours last night and there was no real change in overall texture or firmness after the first few minutes.

That said, I think it is perfect for me.