Falling asleep after drinking half a bottle of 2.0

Whenever I drink about half a bottle of 2.0, within about 15 minutes I I start to lose alertness and get drowsy and on more than one occasion it’s been enough to make me fall asleep. The only time I’ve had a similar effect is when I consumed one of those health juices made with spinach, celery, and apples from my local gym…I fell asleep right after drinking it, woke up a few hours later, went online to figure out what happened and found apparently the lack of fiber in juices causes the sugar to absorb too rapidly and can cause you to crash.

I’ve posted about fogginess etc before, but the drowsiness and falling asleep is new…wondering if anyone else has experienced this…sort of worried.

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I would definitely suggest consulting a doctor. Extreme fatigue after Soylent or absorbing sugar from juices too quickly sounds like a huge health issue that I wouldn’t sleep on. No pun intended.

I can attest to my nearly year on ~99% Soylent that I’ve never experienced the same fatigue you described.

Do you eat or drink anything else regularly?

Are you diabetic? If you don’t know and you’re significantly overweight, that is a possibility. I’d talk to your doctor like @SkullAndCostBones said.

I’m not diabetic as far as I know. Last blood work I got, all of my numbers were optimal. I’ve been an athlete for over a decade and a half and just did an Ironman a couple of months back…I can do a glass of OJ or cranberry juice no issue. I guess I can try a take home kit to test blood sugar after the meal.

Do you know the ingredients for the gym shake? It is just made out of those or is anything else added?

nothing - its supposed to be raw+organic cold pressed juice. maybe a fruit/vegetable or two that i forgot like kale/lemon

Strange! I’ve no idea what it could be.

It might be the soy isoflavones in 2.0. Isoflavones can apparently lead to fatigue, among other thyroid / estrogen related conditions. The amount of isoflavones in multiple servings of Soylent 2.0 is fairly high. I’m sticking with 1.5 until they hopefully remove soy as a protein source. Yet 1.5 is also not without some drawbacks (I’m looking at you carrageenan, sucralose, toxic heavy metals, and relatively low fiber).

I think that what you might be experiencing is hyperthyroidism. Spinach and soy are known to contribute to this condition.

I believe you DID intend the pun.



It sounds like maybe, an insulin issue. “fiber” that’s been milled can’t act as fiber anymore, it’s compromised. Soylent is not a low glycemic index food. You can be fit and strong and still have metobolic syndrome. I tried Soylent 1.5 for about six months, one to two meals a day and I had digestive problems and felt tired and bloated. I finally realized, nutrient chem-food theories aside, it was not a healthy choice for me. I still have about 8 packets in the cupboard.

I have never heard that before. Are you sure?

Are the fiber supplements milled? Because I take those all the time.

I can confirm that psyllium husk powder sure as heck still acts as fiber.


Google ‘Dr Robert Lustig on soluble and insoluble fibre.’ Read the quick-take NPR interview where he sumarizes the gist of it - how processing destroys the insoluble fibre structure that’s essential for slowing digestion.
His research is fairly new regarding what might be called ‘sugar/carbohydrate poisoning’ in the American diet (leading to fatty liver disease, insulin resistance and other bad stuff) The sugar industry has successfully hidden this science for decades, but it’s now beginning to surface. Soylent may be OK for many people, but for others it will be unhealthy (diarrhea? cramps? gas? Insulin spikes? Watch out.)
If you want the hard science, data, peer reviewed research read "Fat Chance " by Dr Lustig. It will change the way assess food.
Note: Sorry if this sounds like a promo, it’s not - just a good science resource (buy used or try borrow his books.) I care very much about metobolic science and nutrition and know from experience some “health” foods and diets are not healthy. I’m finding out why that is so. I’ve changed the way I eat and it’s working. Can’t eat Soylent.

I had the same problem. I did not know why I felt very tired after soylent. I tried to drink it a few times, and every time was the same.

Only after one year later I found out, that I have Celiac disease, and I’m very gluten intolerant. Soylent contains gluten. And soy (that is not very healthy in fact). It’s definitely allergic for people that are gluten intolerant.

Okay, very interesting…I have this issue with certain foods, maybe I’ll try to get a tested for Celiac, thanks.

Just don’t drink it so soon before you’re going to go to sleep!


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