Falling asleep, no energy, hungry and allergic- Whats wrong?

I started with 1.3 and noticed an instant energy boost. Every now and then, getting used to it I would feel hungry but overall very pleased in how my body felt. 1.3 was a back order so I was able to skip the entire 1.4 season and my next shipment was 1.5.

1.5 I am really struggling with, here are my concerns. I fall asleep at work as much as I did before I started with 1.3. I am wondering if it is the extra sugar added and I’m crashing once it wears off? I am not a scientist so I really don’t know enough to pinpoint whats up. All I do know is to follow how my body feels. I don’t feel energized at all during the day. I rather just sit at home and rest all day, (fatigue) is a good word for it. I am twice as hungry as I was with 1.3. Plus it seems like I have a light allergy, I since my body reacting and I get a brief runny nose and congestion after I wake and have a glass of 1.5. Something again I didn’t experience with 1.3, it’s not a dramatic reaction but something I am sensitive to.

Can anyone help with some ideas or suggestions? Thanx

I suppose no one will believe me, but I think that the right thing to do Is to assume that the cause is not Soylent.

To me, Soylent is just a normal food and most of the whizbang effects that people report are basically placebo type reports.

In my over 6 months of mainly a hundred percent Soylent consumption, I have felt well, I have perceived improved convenience of getting food, but I haven’t perceived anything that was all that amazing, and I really don’t expect to.

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How are you using it? If you’re restricting calories, or if you have some major work outs going on, you’re probably not getting enough protein. I had exactly the same thing happen to me, and I fixed it by adding protein powder.

If you’re aiming for weight maintenance, and aren’t doing major work outs, I’d agree with geneven in that it’s probably something other than Soylent.

Usually when i consume a diet loaded with fat i feel that way. My explaination for that is fat is slow burning and doesnt ‘pick us up’ as much as carbs/protein? do. And 1.5 has higher fat than 1.3.

But regarding your runny nose and congestion i dont know. Infact soylent has a nice balance of gamma tocopherols (canola) and alpha tocopherols (sunflower) which 1.3 didnt have, so technically you shouldnt be feeling that way. I dont know whats causing it.

It’s going to be different for different people. If you had relatively good nutrition before you probably won’t notice as much of a benefit from soylent. If you subsisted on frozen food and canned soups before switching to Soylent, like I did, you might notice more of a change.

Someone who was actually getting 100% of their nutrients through cooking honestly shouldn’t notice any difference at all other than the convenience factor.


It’s not impossible that you have an allergy to some ingredient or other. I don’t know off hand if any ingredients are new since 1.3, but you could get tested.

Other than that, how do you use your Soylent? I drink four “meals” a day, one every four hours. I do notice that sometimes I’ll start to feel a little weak 30-60 minutes before my next scheduled meal, and often on those days I’ll find I measured a little wrong so wasn’t quite getting 1/4 of the Soylent at the previous meal.

Other than that, has anything else in your life changed?

geneven, thanks for the reply. Iv been doing more research and trying to figure things out. the allergic thing, I’m not sure about, it diminishes pretty fast so the long term effects may be more in my head. Though, i think I’m definitely feeling different with the new batch of 1.5. The hungry thing may just be me slowly gravitating more towards soylent. The falling asleep thing is just real. simple as that, I’m struggling with this. is it soylent or something else i don’t know. Thanks for the reply!

DesertWarGod, I am currently adding water, refrigerating and filling my solo cup and drinking. I drink a cup every morning, days I’m working I skip and just do regular lunch, then in the evenings I drink another solo cup full. During the weekends I munch on nuts and berries, some cheese and crackers but all three meals are the soylent. I don’t work out, but I do work in the heat with horses, I take golf lessons and play golf. Outside of the normal single life adventures that’s about all. I do notice that after I eat lunch I definitely get a energy boost. is this because blood sugar level rise after eating or not is a mystery. I usually do pretty good the rest of the day.

My goal is too lose weight or at least get control of it. I’m 42, around 230lbs 5’11 Thanks for the reply, I may need to go to the doctor and see if I’m just getting older or if something serious is up. Thanks for the reply Desert

Telos, I read a thread that said something about the different oil could be bothering me. Though I just don’t know enough to understand it. Still using soylent for the nutrients, it isn’t right now so bad that I would stop, just annoying.

I do a pitcher, chill it, and drink a solo cup full in the mornings. The only other changes iv found in 1.3 to 1,5 is that I don’t fart as much. Scientifically I have no idea whats going on between the two. In a perfect world I would rather have the farts and have my energy back but that’s just not an option so I am rolling with it. Thanks for the reply Telos

Tark, I think my body would be happier with a lower fat intake. It’s weird but I think I feel the difference between the two. Do you suggest drinking less soylent than a solo cup full so that I am not digesting more fat than my body can burn off?

It is the summer time, the allergy thing im working on a balance of meds to get me through the summer. Thanks for the reply, it definitely has me thinking about the fat intake.

Telos, I’m single and used to eat out every day, so frozen pizza was a staple. I did notice a awesome change when iI started 1.3. I don’t know if I am just getting used to feeling better or if 1.5 just isn’t gelling with my body. Thanks for the reply!

I would say try buying off some 1.3 as you said you felt better on it as compared to 1.5, and hope they reduce the fat level by 1.6 :smile:

I wouldnt recommended 1.3 for long term consumption though just for a few weeks (not fat but for other reasons).

Isomaltulose (which was added starting with 1.4) does that to me plus ruins my mood.

If you are worried fat is the problem, two things:

  1. If your stool floats it has undigested fat in it, this means you are not absorbing all the calories and caloric deficit means you’ll be tired and lethargic. Coming from low fat, it may take a while for your gut to start producing enough lipase to digest the fat.
  2. It’s easy to supplement digestive enzymes (lipase). If you supplement lipase, your stool no longer floats and you still have this problem, fat is not the problem.

It could also be an allergic reaction to some of the new ingredients in 1.5, such as carrageenan. If you by chance could sample 1.4 and are fine with that, it’s one of these ingredients.

Pozac, good information and that’s a reply I can understand. lol

Isomaltulose, why would they put that in? Does the body need its mood messed with?

I am starting from your information to think it is the fat in it. My poop does float, I have noticed this, and when I am on it for several meals without munchies my poop turns a lighter color. I have a older bottle of enzymes ill try it out after I consume and see if that helps.I will give it a couple days and see how it works.

I am glad i may not be crazy mentioning a slight reaction to 1.5. I went from 1.3 to 1,5 due to a back order issue. If this is a allergic thing, do I just suck it up or quit using? I would think the benefits would out-way the negatives. It also makes me feel like i’m being proactive in staying healthy to use soylent. I don’t want to stop. Solid Information, thanks Pozac!

As good as what everyone seems to feel about 1.3, i’m sure they had good medical advice changing it. I hope they reduce the fat in 1.6 also, maybe I would loose weight quicker. Thanks Tark

As far as I know, only one person thinks Isomaltulose changes their mood. It certainly doesn’t change my mood.


Yep.Thats what i think too.

Why would Palatinose affect the mood any more than dextrose (sugar)?

Makes no sense.

I don’t know, but in the year since that comment was made, no one backed it up.

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