Fan with Chronic Fatigue Immunodeficiency Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis


Hi, just wanted to say I am very happy to see Soylent on the road to becoming a real product that can be bought. I am so disabled by my condition it is often hard to get out of bed. Even eating takes a lot of energy so often I just dont which is not healthy at all. I hope the product will be a palatable as Ensure and Boost. When I was healthy I found joy in being physically active and also in the study of poetry and have always found the laborious tasks involved with food mind numbing and time wasting. Soylent could be a boon to people to people like me. My doctor has said that d ribose and coenzyme 10 supplements could help a bit with my fatigue which is something that could maybe be added to the formulation? I have always been frustrated by full food replacements not being available in North America. It is clear there is many of us in the “developed” world struggling enormously with the price of food and many do have nutrient deficiencies. To be honest usually I only buy products online with free shipping to Canada but I may make an exception to support this product. Thanks, good luck with product development!