Fantastic fart solution


I found a brilliant solution to the fart problem… this article says it all


nice, but the sound is sometimes a problem too


There’s already another thread talking about this.


People talk about taking Beano. How about if soylent makers added the core ingredient of Beano in the bags themselves? That is if it doesnt have any side effects and is harmless. Its patent is going to expire in December according to the wikipedia article. Oh here’s a previous post from May talking about this.
I will try Beano and see if it works for me.


They tried that. It was Soylent version 1.1. The added the active ingredient from Beano as well as a couple other things. People complained that it thinned out the Soylent too much. It did seem to help the gas but not enough to make it a permanent solution. They quickly release version 1.2 without the Beano added.


and unfortunately, beano doesn’t seem to work as well for me as 1.1 did. bummer, since they said they’d include a solution in the 1.2 notes but only suggest beano.