FAQ still shows Canadian shipping

You still have an FAQ answer up that says you support shipping to Canada. Might wanna fix that.

… or, just figure out what you need to do to start shipping to Canada again.


If you guys want any indication of how far this company has sunk, look no further than this 22 day old thread highlighting an easily rectified website issue that’s gone entirely unnoticed by Rosa Labs. We’re not gonna get Canadian shipping again… the UK has just been pulled. Their business is being run by automatons now.

Conor seemed like the only one sincere with understanding the impact on Soylent customers in Canada. I doubt there’s anyone there that has this on a high priority list anymore but I could be wrong @soylent_team . The Canadian Availability Update page has "updates about future availability to Canadian customers via email, and this page will be updated with new information as it becomes available."

With it being so long now Rob’s words don’t really hold up at all considering zero update. It’s unfortunate, I loved their products and it was a complete change in life style being able to purchase the company’s products here.

Have you found any other comparable products available in Canada?

What is comparable? Similar formula? Similar price? Ready to Drink/Powder?

I could give you some hints (probably mentioned somewhere else), but all depends on what you mean by that.

I think that they were sincere at first, but going to war with Canada wasn’t practical. It isn’t so easy to change a nation’s laws.

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The inside wrapper of the squares says Made in Canada…


Both Soylent (at least the bars) and Huel Powder are manufactured in Canada, but can’t be sold there.