Fasting in Ramadan (dawn to dusk) on Soylent


Ramadan has started today, and I will be fasting for the next month from dawn to sunset - about 16 hours of no food or drink. I am currently on People Chow 3.01. I would like to modify the recipe to reduce the effects hunger and lack of energy. The point of fasting is to feel some hunger, but I have a medical condition which is greatly exacerbated by feeling extreme hunger … From what little I know, the biggest effect would be in modifying the carbs from masa harina to a more complex form, and perhaps adding more fat in my morning intake.

If the above assumptions are correct, what are the optimal choices for carbs and fat given my goals are:

  1. Reducing feeling of hunger throughout the day
  2. Mitigate lack of energy

The fast will be from approximately 4:45am to 8:30pm. I will be able to have one portion in the morning before starting the fast, and one or two at night between 8:30pm and midnight (when I go to sleep). I’m thinking of having 50-60% of my soylent in the morning, and the rest in two servings at night. Is that a good idea, or would another ratio make more sense?